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Value (price + quality) 3,81 / 5
Comfort 4,09 / 5
Costumer service 4,11 / 5
Your opinion of security 4,14 / 5
Food 3,54 / 5
Management of luggage 3,84 / 5
Comfort 4,09 / 5
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Fly from Porto to Geneve

Excellent flight I love it. Clean planes. Plane took off and arrived on time. The crew was nice the only problem was that they don't speak very good...

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Economy OPO - GVA More than 3 years 1 reactions 17 views

First class

Good evening all, I flew with SWISS from Zurich to Bangkok in first class! Before take-off, I got to enjoy the SWISS First Lounge at Zurich...

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First ZRH - BKK More than 3 years 29 reactions 196 views

LX Journey

Had a great flight with Swiss! Unfortunately.
I was going to a funeral but I still managed to have a pleasant trip on the airline. They fed me dinner and breakfast and had plenty of entertainment options for the long journey. Flight took off on time and the aircraft was very clean. Loved the cabin crew as well! Very professional! Next time go to Switzerland, i'll make sure I will go with Swiss International again.

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Economy MIA - ZRH More than 3 years 1 reactions 7 views


I was really pleasantly surprised by the reception, the quality of the service, and the always smiling and attentive crew. The airplane was flawless...

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Economy FCO - GVA More than 3 years 31 reactions 218 views

Geneva-Nice flight

When purchasing my tickets, I used a comparator that offered me approximately equivalent rates for Swiss and Easyjet for this trip. I chose Swiss...

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Economy GVA - NCE More than 3 years 25 reactions 275 views

A very nice flight between Zurich and Dubai

Flight LX242 between Zurich and Dubai on board of an Airbus A333 called “Bellinzona” of the Swiss airline. We arrived at the Zurich airport, one of...

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Economy plus ZRH - DXB More than 3 years 10 reactions 173 views
Tina D.

Excellent value for money

This was a morning flight from Geneva to Malaga on an A319 and it was very good in terms of the comfort and service onboard, and all for the very modest sum of SFr39 (that's less than 33 euros), which includes hand luggage and a breakfast of pain au chocolat, yoghurt, orange juice and two coffees.

Who can top that? As far as I know, nobody, not even their competitor, easyJet, which operates on the same route. Legroom is significantly superior, with about 5 cm extra, and the seats are leather. The cabin crew were simply perfect, and very nice. An airline to recommend without hesitation, even for a tall person (6 ft 2.5 in).

Flying with Swiss: a true pleasure!

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Economy GVA - AGP More than 3 years 25 reactions 272 views

Thank you

As is often the case on the Zurich - Bangkok long-haul, the 10 hours of the flight passed very pleasantly and the cabin crew were top class...

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Tweet from the airline
Economy GVA - BKK More than 3 years 17 reactions 485 views


Très bon accueil, l'enregistrement se fait très rapidement, l'embarquement également. Les sièges en business sont bien faits : massage du dos...

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Business YUL - ZRH 08/2019 6 reactions

Excellent service en bizzz

Parti d'Athènes avec plus de 30' de retard en raison de l'arr.tardive de l'avion. Retard dû à la saturation des couloirs aériens vers la Grèce et fermeture sporadique de l'aeroport d'Athènes en raison d'un orage vers 13h15.
Ceci mis à part, le vol fut juste parfait malgré une cabine presque pleine.
Service de qualité et prévenant avec le sourire en plus. Repas de qualité et bons vins cuvée " Fête des Vignerons 2019". A tester si vous en avez l'occasion.
Petit choc distribué à la sortie de l'avion à Zurich. Retard en partie comblé.
Bref une prestation digne d'une compagnie de renom. Un vrai plaisir de voyager avec SWISS

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Business ATH - ZRH 06/2019 6 reactions

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