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Review of SWISSSUX about the flight Swiss between Birmingham and San Jose on 19/06/2018 in Economy

We used four flights on this particular trip with Swiss Air or its share code partners , of which NONE were on time according to the schedule , an average of 1 hour late on all of the flights with NO real explanation given.
However it is blatantly obvious that the reason for this is down to bad organization , bad management and planning . Rating 5/10
Quality of Service .
We had never flown via Swiss Airlines previously and probably will never do so again as the experience was NOT good , having previously used British Airways , Air France , Iberia ,and Klm we would certainly chose any of these before using Swiss Air the reasons will be mentioned in this report .
Our first bad experience was an email request to Swiss Air for assistance about our booking ,we NEVER had a reply to our request even 14 days after it was put in the only reason we ever did get an answer was because I obtained the email directly to Swiss Airs CEO.
Swiss Airs customer service is located in Fiji believe it or not and they obviously have zero interest in replying to customer enquiries , probably the worst customer service we have ever seen for a service industry provider .
On board the aircraft the service you will receive at best can be described as average you as basically treated as cattle in economy class , probably a little better in economy plus or business .
BEWARE OF HIDDEN COSTS . NO free alcoholic beverages in economy class you will be charged for a beer or glass of wine with the SMALL meal you will receive and the average cost is around $10 per drink, all of the other mentioned airlines offer alcoholic beverages as a courtesy to their customers. Rating 3/10.
Comfort on Board and hidden extra expense in Economy Class .
BE WARNED for a long haul flight the seating setup is probably the most uncomfortable we have ever experienced on any long haul carrier .
The seats are much smaller than other airlines we have used in the past , the seats are very tight and small little of no room to move and we are only small bodied people 1.64 and around 70kgs .
The seats are only just big enough to sit in , very very close together I would estimate around 5cm space between your knees and the rear of the seat in front of you I.E. zero leg room very tight fit .
Your seat will only recline around 8cm therefore you are basically upright , however when the person in front of you reclines their seat you will be boxed in no room to move .
To be able to consume the small average quality meal you will receive no choice offered ( usually you will get 2 options but not here ) you will be expected to perform a contortion act to be able to consume your food .
Although the aircraft are new and clean the comfort level in economy class is extremely bad and we would not recommend it . Rating 3/10

Hidden Extra Costs Involved using Swiss .
BE WARE . If your baggage is just slightly overweight 23kgs max you will be charged an excess baggage fee of approximately $200 per suitcase , most other airlines make allowances for a little extra weight on long haul flights NOT Swiss .
Also as previously mentioned only soft drinks are free in economy class , a beer or glass of wine with your meal will cost on average $10 each .
Because of the terrible seating configuration in economy class you will be offered the chance to upgrade to economy plus or business , the average cost for economy plus is $120 per person , business a little over $400 per person , it appears the configuration is set this way to obligate larger framed people to pay the extra cost to up grade .
This would then mean that you make no real saving on Swiss Airlines slightly cheaper fares as in the end you will end up paying the same price as other carriers who offer a better more comfortable service with no extra cost and whom are on schedule , please take these hidden extras into consideration before booking Swiss Air .
Also note that on board all though being a flight originating from a Spanish speaking area NO instruction’s on board are given in Spanish if you do not speak German or English you will have no understanding of what is being said over the on board speakers I would consider this dangerous and maybe even illegal when coming down to safety instructions . Rating 3/10
Excess baggage charges .
We paid excess baggage charges for a suitcase that was approximately 4kg over the weight limit , the cost of this was around $200 which we considered excessive but that is the rules with Swiss Air .
However when our luggage was delivered in Costa Rica my suitcase was completely destroyed , split open , missing contents , it is obvious that something very heavy had been put on top of it or it was ran over as even the metal supporting frame inside was all bent .
NO Swiss Air representative was on site so that I could make a claim or report ( excellent customer service hahahaha )
Therefore we paid excess baggage for a case that was returned to us in an unusable condition , with items missing , I filled a report with Swiss Air via email with photographic evidence and now they state I will have to wait while they investigate , they had no problem charging me when the case was booked in but now I am out $200 excess baggage and around $400 for anew case and the personal items missing due to Swiss Airs baggage handlers they have to investigate that goes to show you the type of service you can expect from Swiss Air . Rating 3/10
Overall Experience .
We would strongly suggest using any other carrier option rather than Swiss Air , as the service you will get is well below that of other carriers available to you .
Not something you would expect from the Swiss as usually their service and quality is of the very best and high standard however not the case with this airline .
Recommendation GIVE SWISS A MISS .

Overall rating
2 / 5
Value (price + quality)
2 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
2 / 5
Management of luggage
1 / 5
On board
1 / 5
Costumer service
2 / 5
Your opinion of security
1 / 5
2 / 5
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By SWISSSUX, about Swiss, , close to San José, Provincia de San Jose, Costa Rica
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