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Great job Alyna

Not the flight the serve I got after making a lot of very stupid mistakes on vacation in Ukaine, if I tryed to go some place it was always the wrong...

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Economy KBP - WRO 07/2018
Dick Tracey

Don't travel with young children!

Although the flight out to Poland on my own was good, the flight back was a complete nightmare, which was not helped at all by the staff on this...

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Economy WAW - LHR More than 3 years 4 views


Just as we were about to board, they changed the plane for a smaller one without a word of explanation, leaving 15 people behind to queue up at the desk for half an hour in the hope of getting a place on the next flight, which itself was the last of the day and was overbooked. Some people didn't return until the next day, on the 6:00 am flight.

So which passengers did they choose not to take? Well none of the polish ones, strangely. The cabin crew's English is a bit hit and miss, and they don't tell you what's happening nor explain who's responsible.

When we finally took off at 8:00 pm there were still seats available in business class!

In short, this is an airline that treats its customers with contempt. It's one to avoid.

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Economy BRU - WAW More than 3 years 3 reactions 133 views

Flight for a new job

The plane took off just on time, we took a bus from the gate to reach the plane because it was in a service parking. Hopefuly the plane wasn't that...

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Economy WAW - SOF More than 3 years 24 reactions 39 views


I rarely use this airline, but I had to take this flight in spite of myself. As in my previous review of Polish, the flight went well but the services and passenger management were not up to the level of the price they charged. The lack of information and professionalism from the crew were both catastrophic. It's possible that I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, but after these two bad flights with Polish, I will try to avoid the airline in the future.

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Economy CDG - WAW More than 3 years 2 reactions 513 views

Oh dear. . .

There are some airlines where before you've even boarded the plane you know it's going to be a long flight. We had 4 hours of waiting without any...

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Economy WAW - OTP More than 3 years 6 reactions 438 views

An uneventful flight but more like a low-cost airline, not a national one

Hello, here is the next part of my story. Boarding was faster than in Brussels. Once there I learned that the flight had been pushed up by an hour...

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Economy WAW - TBS More than 3 years 200 views

Just a completely horrible flight

Hello, I do not recommend this company.
The flight schedule was already not being followed in addition to my one-hour layover there to change planes.
The plane was very small which meant very little space for your feet. There was no meal, which was strange since on the LOT website it said that food was included in the ticket price. Instead they passed out a menu with the food and the price (where a sandwich cost 20 euros and a cappuccino was 4 euros).
The flight attendants were not nice, not cheerful and didn't do much. There was no entertainment except for some annoying magazines. On the other hand, the luggage arrived on time.

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Economy BRU - WAW More than 3 years 3 reactions 204 views

An airline that does not deserve to be called a national airline

An uncomfortable night flight.
There wasn't even breakfast served on board, just a glass of water. Only the business class passengers got a meal.
As for me, I arrived in Yerevan starving, exhausted and one hour late.

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Economy WAW - EVN More than 3 years 3 reactions 60 views

A national airline that's at the low-cost level

Our departure was delayed more than an hour. We took off around 8:30 pm thinking we would have a meal or a snack on board. Yeah right.

There was no information about the connecting flight we had to take at the Warsaw airport: not a single member of the crew spoke French even though most of the passengers were French. They weren't very friendly either.

We were given just a glass of water, any food cost extra.
To avoid.

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Economy CDG - WAW More than 3 years 4 reactions 184 views
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