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Markflightreporter The best way to flight 5/5
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Like in the bus

Friday evening but went very quick through check-in and security check. Thank you Star alliance gold track!

Boarding was made by bus but as the plane was at the front of the terminal we were all in the plane on time.

Seats are as usual sufficient for an european flight but they have a stitch in the middle of the back and on a longer flight it could be uncomfortable.

Meal was not so good, the sandwich are too creamy. Service was good with at least two drinks.
Luggage was delivered pretty quick

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Economy MUC - TLS More than 3 years 1 views

Very good flight

First flight on Lufthansa in economy class. The flight attendants were helpful and professional. The seat was comfortable and the entertainment...

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Economy MUC - LAX More than 3 years 4 reactions 90 views

Good flight

Lufthansa use the SAS lounge in CPH which is a good lounge but pretty crowded on friday night.
Priority boarding was respected. Business class was not full and we had enough space for everybody.
The food taste good but the quantity is not sufficient for a evening flight. Quality was really good.
The seat is a regular economy seat. The only plus point is that the seat next to you is always free.

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Business CPH - MUC More than 3 years

Excellent as usual

Lufthansa is always the best. The service was impeccable. The seat was very comfortable. The plane arrived 20 minutes early. Plus, I got a very...

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Business NRT - FRA More than 3 years 2 reactions 134 views

Review of the flight Chicago-Munich with Lufthansa

This was the longest flight of my life, but it appeared kind of quick since it was a night flight. We had two great meal : the dinner (chicken or...

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Economy ORD - MUC More than 3 years 9 views

A very nice flight

This was a very comfortable flight with a satisfactory snack and beverage. Takeoff was smooth but the landing was more abrupt.
Check-in and boarding were easy and on time, which meant that takeoff was also on time.
The flight crew was friendly and obliging.
Luggage was recovered in good shape.

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Economy CDG - MUC More than 3 years 1 reactions 29 views

Just a simple connexion flight. More to say about LUFT in the next post

Just a simple connexion flight. More to say about LUFT in the next post.
Had to walk a lot in Frankfurt though. If you don't like walking, don't pass by Frankfort, it's a city :)

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Economy GVA - FRA More than 3 years 2 views

Basic comfort


I was traveling from GVA to Dehli with Austrian but my connexion from Vienna to Delhi was cancelled ( why I don't know) when I was still in GVA, so was conduct to take Lufthansa and pass by Frankfurt.

Lufthansa was perfect in terms of schedule (they are Germans so like Swiss, they like work to be done good and I could feel I can count on them if there is any problem ! Reliable Air way.

In terms of comfort I was desapointed by the quality of the chair and multimedia. Wasn't working well, the touchscreen was poor and didn't answer well.

The service was a bit rude (in comparison to american compagnies were the service is really there to make you comfi and at home), I could feel the host-ess where tired but I had a some wine so that made it easier :)

The food was not my taste. I took Austrian airlines on the way back and I could see the difference with a smaller compagny or I don't know why but completely different.

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Economy HHN - DEL More than 3 years 1 reactions 6 views

A recomendation on a travel agent mostly

I usually am not into reviews, so this will be very short.

I just returned from my first trip to Tehran ,and have to say every little thing has been smooth. Starting from my travel agents Paul's experienced advise on how to travel to Islamic countries, following Lufthansa stewardess nice tips on how and what to wear as a woman in Iran - everything was so well prepared, i could just wish I had something to worry about. Laughs.

I would love to recommend stewardess Laura from my LH flight to Tehran from Frankfurt, who was very prompt , and helping.
Also a big thanks to Paul Gibbs, who is a travel agent with my regular travel agency, for being with me all the stressful planing hours.

I couldnt've accomplished the trip without You guys. You rock!

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Economy EWR - IKA More than 3 years 2 reactions 5 views
Janis K.

Decent flight

As usual, the Embraer 195 made the job pretty well. Enough legroom, very quiet engines and a good service level by the crew. The only think is the size of the hand luggage compartments, definitely too small. I like flying with the embraer but I would love if Lufthansa could docked the plane to the terminal in Munich. We loose always so much time getting to the terminal with the bus.

Further the business class lounge in Paris is good equipped but you feel as a prisoner as it is located in the basement of the terminal without any windows. Nevertheless as the waiting area upstair is always really full it is a good place to come down before the flight.

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Economy CDG - MUC More than 3 years 1 reactions 4 views

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