You can still sleep even in economy class

Review of yellowpass about the flight Lufthansa LH0619 between Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt on 17/02/2014 in Economy
yellowpass LH / DLH AUH / FRA
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Ok. This was a 3:00 am flight, so quite unusual. Security checks were carried out in the check-in zone, then there was a wait because I'd arrived at 9:00 pm. You'll probably tell me that all I needed to do was get there on time. Check-in opened at 11:45 pm, then security checks were carried out again just before boarding the plane, about one hour before the scheduled departure time. It was efficient at least, with boarding completed about 25 minutes before departure. Take-off, which was faultless, was 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I don't know what the tray meal consisted of because I fell asleep immediately after take-off. I was woken up a little brutally by the cabin crew switching the lights straight on to "intense". At least it wakes you up. The breakfast consisted of an omelette of reasonable quality: neither fantastic nor excellent. Well, I could describe it as excellent, though not amongst the best, but that would still be an exaggeration. The plane arrived on time: I think we lost some time during the flight. There was an announcement that the gate for my connecting flight to Geneva had been changed.

The only problem with the connecting flight to Geneva occurred at boarding. Basically, Geneva airport had been closed for a short time due to a hijacking. Everything eventually returned to normal however, though with a half-hour delay caused. We were kept well informed and the passengers were calm. It has to be said that the wait wasn't a long one either.

And what do you know: another little siesta at take-off. When I awoke, the cabin crew were just arriving to serve drinks. This is where I got completely ignored. Well, we were approaching Geneva, and I did notice that my neighbours had been served whilst I was sleeping. So nothing to kick up a fuss about, especially when the cabin crew were palpably stressed because of the descent and landing preparations.

The landing was slightly askew and the braking abrupt (sorry to the pilots, but it was noticeable all the same). The delay had been made up slightly. On the other hand, there was a 25 minute wait for the baggage, even though GVA is a "small" airport and it wasn't very busy that day. We'll put that down to the hijacking; you could still see the passengers involved in it receiving support from the police and psychologists.

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4 / 5
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4 / 5
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4 / 5
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2 / 5
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2 / 5
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2 / 5
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