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Review of LHBAD about the flight Lufthansa between Budapest and Denver on 05/01/2019 in Business

The complaint is not with the flight itself but rather with horrible post-flight service. And attitude. Snowstorm in Europe. Budapest departure delayed. Thus missed connecting LH MUC-DEN flight. Rebooked LH MUC-ORD-DEN. 2-hour wait. Boarded LH MUC-DEN. Told we had to wait at gate for people arriving.from Greece. LH MUC-ORD departure thus delayed nearly 2 hours. Long time to sit on the plane. Thus, missed UA ORD-DEN connecton. At LH service desk in ORD, discovered my wife had been booked by MUC LH on LH ORD-LAX, not ORD-DEN. LH ORD told us only choice was to take AA flight next morning to DEN. As that was the only choice that LH offered, we accepted. LH put us up in a distant rather basic hotel. Arrived at AA (Terminal 3) early next morning to check in. Long line. Denied boarding. AA said LH incorrectly booked our AA tickets. We have to go to LH in Terminal 1 to sort it out. Thus missed AA flight. Arrived at LH in Terminal 1 and told they would not open for 8 hours. Went to UA (Hey, Star Alliance, right?). UA tried to help. There was a UA flight at 8.45 to DEN. Horray. Why didnt LH book us on that instead of AA. UA called LH to get OK to write the ticket (Hey, Star Alliance, right?). LH agrees but disconnected before transaction completed. UA agent calls again. Starts to tell story, disconnect. Calls again, starts to tell story, disconnect. Finally he is able to tell the story and again request OK to issue ticket. LH says: NO! No? Yes, no. You have to go back to AA (Terminal 3) and ask AA to reissue the ticket to UA. But, wait, there is no valid AA ticket. That is the problem. In any event, if we go back to AA, we will miss the UA flight. So I say, f*** it, buy the tickets, and I will ask LH to reimburse. UA prints out receipt and says surely LH will reimburse. After all, if the LH agent in ORD had been paying attention, he would have issued a ticket on UA and not AA in the first place. However, now, LH says NO REFUND. Not even for "goodwill". We have received multiple kiss off letters from LH about this. LH says the wait for passengers in MUC, the misbooking of my wife to LAX instead if DEN, the failure by the LH agent in ORD to find to the UA connection to DEN, and the improperly issued AA tickets in ORD were all DUE TO BAD WEATHER IN EUROPE. It took us 42 hours to get to DEN. I will try to avoid using LH in the future. The ground staff was incompetent and uncaring. The customer service agents are insulting by their dismissiveness (the replies are obviously form letters). I promise LH that the matter is not closed.

Overall rating
2 / 5
Value (price + quality)
2 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
3 / 5
Management of luggage
3 / 5
On board
2 / 5
Costumer service
1 / 5
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3 / 5
3 / 5
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