The torture chamber flight.

Review of TSR about the flight Lufthansa between Frankfurt and Pu Dong on 19/04/2016 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

I am writing in English because I want to warn potential passengers to avoid this flight from hell. I am talking about Lufthansa flight 0728 from Frankfurt International Airport to Shanghai Pu Dong Airport with Airbus 380-800 in economy class, lower deck. I do not know if the upper deck is better, but I doubt it.

Some sadistic torturer designed the seat arrangement. It is so bad, that I am wondering if such an arrangement is even legal. Every seat has some kind of depression under it so that it is impossible for a normal height person to stretch the feet under the seat in front. The vertical space between the floor and the top of the seat is severely diminished, so the only way to stretch your feet is if you are a ballerina and are used to have your feet in line with your leg at zero angle. However, even if you were able of such a feat, you cannot do if for lack of space between the rows.

But wait, these are the good seats! It gets far worse. Every row (at least where I sat, around row 76) has in each section (right, center, left) a box in addition to this depression. In the central section, in the row where I sat, there were two such boxes. If you are assigned such a seat, then you literally cannot put both your feet under the seat -- forget stretching, just put your feet on the ground at right angle under the seat. It is impossible: the total width of your two feet combined is considerably larger than the space provided.

Ten hours after landing, my legs still hurt because of lack of blood circulation and I have
bruises all over my shin. I am sure that an elementary medical evaluation of the seats will force the airline to change this. It is a matter of time till someone will have a thrombosis attack during this flight.

The situation is rather sad. The plane left on time, arrived on time, the plane was clean, the meals were good, the cabin staff was highly professional and courteous ... and also embarrassed by the seats constantly excusing themselves of the situation they were put in. How should I describe it: this is a torture chamber that is very clean, efficient, and has a staff that is reluctant to torture you. But you are subject to a 9 hour torture with potentially serious health risks.

Compared to the cabin comfort on this flight, low cost carriers such as Ryan Air, EasyJet,
Wizzair, Air Berlin, etc, seem like first class. Hello airlines ! Is anyone reading this ? If yes, please take over such flights from Lufthansa. You do not even have to advertise seriously: just say in your commercial that you do not have boxes under the seat in front, not horizontal ones, not vertical ones. Believe me, the passengers know what you are talking about.

This is the flight from hell ! The problem is the seats in this Airbus 380-800.

Avoid it all costs if you care about your health.

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