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fair for a 2 hour trip, nothing special but the plane is neat, staff was helpful but missing the smile, on time and luggage handling is great , meal is too poor

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Economy ALG - FRA 01/2018
Ahmed Medhat

Great Service

It was part of a long flight from Kingston in Canada and they found me a seat on an earlier flight. The staff were straightforward, efficient and helpful - very professional.

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Economy FRA - MAN More than 2 years

The torture chamber flight.

I am writing in English because I want to warn potential passengers to avoid this flight from hell. I am talking about Lufthansa flight 0728 from...

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Economy FRA - PVG More than 3 years 21 views

Excellent, but when you're transferring, get something to eat!

Coming from Edinburgh, it took, 50 minutes to catch this flight. Between the new security checks, despite the fact that we were just transferring...

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Economy FRA - MRS More than 3 years 2 reactions 50 views

Lufthansa: a Classic and Efficient Airline.

This was the first leg in a trip to Edinburgh with a layover in Frankfurt. Very easy and fast check-in. Takeoff was on time. Friendly crew. Good...

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Economy MRS - FRA More than 3 years 1 reactions 17 views

Never disappointed

The flight Frankfurt-Munich is as a train, as Lufthansa flies several times every day between both cities. It was in my case a connecting flight, but not the booked one.

Because the first flight with Condor (a very bad company, just to avoid!) had 30 hours delay, we got a new flight.

The flight crew was on this Lufthansa flight friendly and we received a drink (but nothing to eat, as the flight is very short).

In contrast to Condor, the seats were comfortable and there was room for the legs. I was so tired that I fell asleep and waked up only at Munich Airport. I could pick up my luggage quickly. I flew several times with Lufthansa and was never disappointed.

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Economy FRA - MUC More than 3 years

Day trip for work

Early flight, cold morning, crew was perfect.
I was seated at the rear of the plane near the engines. Small snacks and a coffee during the flight. Good communication from the cockpit.
Take-off and landing was pretty smooth, lot of great planes at Munich.

Return flight was good too.
Not so much space for the legs, I'm 1m95...
Thank's a lot for trip Lufthansa!

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Economy MLH - MUC More than 3 years

Munich Frankfurt

I often fly with Lufthansa and until now, I was always satisfied. That flight was a first flight before a second one in Frankfurt. As it was short, there was no snacks but only drinks and some newspapers. The flight was on time, which was very important, as we had only one hour for our connecting flight at Frankfurt airport. However, I would recommend twice more time if you have there a connecting flight, as the airport is huge.

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Economy MUC - FRA More than 3 years

Like in the bus

Friday evening but went very quick through check-in and security check. Thank you Star alliance gold track!

Boarding was made by bus but as the plane was at the front of the terminal we were all in the plane on time.

Seats are as usual sufficient for an european flight but they have a stitch in the middle of the back and on a longer flight it could be uncomfortable.

Meal was not so good, the sandwich are too creamy. Service was good with at least two drinks.
Luggage was delivered pretty quick

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Economy MUC - TLS More than 3 years 1 views
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