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A Flight Without Problems

Return flight from Porto to Luxembourg. This was my first flight on a Boeing 737-800 with Scimitar Winglets. The legroom was exactly right, given...

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Economy OPO - LUX More than 3 years 51 views

Practical and Comfortable Flight.

Registration at home, then boarding that was very easy and on time.

A normal flight.

Comfortable flight in a turbopropeller plane.

There was a complementary snack from the cheerful crew.

In-flight information from the pilot.

Arrival was on time, we recovered our luggage very quickly.

Recommended, provided there is parking in Luxembourg.

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Economy LUX - NCE More than 2 years

Very good airline

Brand new plane: a comfortable and spacious B737. Large snack for a short flight. Friendly flight crew. Recommended airline.

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Economy SEN - PUF More than 3 years 1 reactions 75 views
Seb Challa

An excellent airline company

We chose the Luxair airline to visit the Island of Kos since we knew that it was a very good company. The airport wasn't big but it had...

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Economy LUX - KGS More than 3 years 51 reactions 212 views
chris tine

City break in Berlin

The stewardesses were very cheerful. The boarding process was very straightforward and fast. There was food and drink available on the plane; and though there wasn't much, it was very good.
There was no TV or anything, but you don't really need it on a flight lasting one hour and twenty minutes.

The flight was 10 minutes late, but that's not too serious. The stewardesses spoke German, English and French, which meant you could make yourself understood.

This was a very good trip with Luxair.

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Economy TXL - LUX More than 3 years 2 reactions 48 views

Worst airline ever

The airline is constantly delayed. Last time I had a 4 hour delay, 1 hour luggage wait and we landed on the wrong airport.

The only way to get home was by cab that luxair refused to pay. This was 2 weeks ago. Currently I am stuck on an airport in Germany after having waited in the air for 1h30. Luxair refuses to send a bus or give any voucher while waiting (for i dont know how long since they refuse to give any sign).

I have just called the airline who just tells me "oh you need to refer to the Luxair desk in the airport". The luxair desk is closed however which I told the woman on the phone but she kept repeating the same thing.

No wonder that nothing is working in this company, if everyone at this company is as st*** as the woman on the phone

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Economy LCY - LUX More than 3 years 6 reactions 33 views


I made a reservation for August 1, 2013 on a LUXEMBOURG PARIS flight For more security, I went to the airport the night before my flight to...

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Economy LUX - CDG More than 3 years 7 reactions 251 views

First disappointment in 30 years!

I’ve traveled on Luxair since 1980 and have always praised this airline that, for medium haul airlines, was perfect. For about two years now...

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Economy BCN - LUX More than 3 years 4 reactions 225 views

Ventilation inside the airplane

No other complaints! Takeoff and landing were perfect!
Adequate cleanliness
Just one thing: do not turn on the heating inside the plane, let the fresh air in to give it a better feel!

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Economy HER - LUX More than 3 years 2 reactions 60 views

A nice airline, as usual

A nice flight with some turbulence throughout…. Landing and takeoff were on time, the ground and cabin crews were friendly and efficient. A small downside was the pilot, who explained how the flight would be little time before arrival, instead of explaining during the flight itself…. A snack (sandwich) was served during the flight, along with a drink (champagne included). Coffee and tea were then served and they finished by offering items for sale. For people who are rather large, as I am, an extension was needed to be able to fasten the seatbelt of the Dash 8/400’s seat—it is important to note that the plane is relatively small (about 70 seats). I recommend this airline.

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Economy LUX - BCN More than 3 years 3 reactions 95 views
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