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#31579 Forcing false immigration rules and regulation to sell return tickets on spot 1/5
Muhammad Bhuyian Worse services ever 1/5
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To begin with, our flight was three hours late and nobody informed us at check-in. They also didn't let us know that we could get a voucher for a meal in the stopover airport.

In Kuwait, another delay of four hours with no explanation, just a poor meal tray (not very good).

They also made us go to the boarding gate, even though there were already other people there to board another flight. So they made us go out again (no place to sit).

We arrived in Paris (at 2 a.m. instead of 7 p.m.). Nobody from the airline would explain what we should do about transportation.

In short, an awful airline that treated us like fools!

PS: the state of the airplanes was average and the screens barely worked, if at all! The cabin crew was not very friendly!

I will never again fly with Kuwait Airways! (they often have delays, according to the testimony of other passengers)

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Economy KWI - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 132 views

Old planes. Constant delays.

Planes from 1995. There were delays on departure and in the stopovers on both outward and return flights.
Really inexpensive…but you get exactly what you paid for! Or not!
The Kuwait airport: there isn't really anything to do there, except for the cigarettes, which are sold for 20 USD a pack. There were smoking areas in the transit area.

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Economy CDG - CMB More than 3 years 4 reactions 145 views


First part of the trip:

Flight on an A340 with a stopover in Kuwait.
Short delay on departure.
Baggage checking: took very long.
Stopover in Rome that was unannounced when the tickets were booked.
Seats were old.
Legroom was sufficient.
7-inch video screen.
Honest meals.
Stopover in Kuwait.

Second part, to Chenai on, an A310
Seats that have needed some work for quite some time.
Legroom: seating layout like that of a charter flight.
7-inch video screen.
Honest meal.

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Economy CDG - MAA More than 3 years 3 reactions 146 views

A good return flight for a two-month holiday

Fantastic! A superb A340, and fairly quiet too. The hostesses provide a high quality of service to the passengers! The seats were very comfortable, and though the in-flight entertainment system is only average, it does do the job. You're always ahead of schedule when you arrive in Paris with this airline, but you always experience a delay travelling in the opposite direction. There was a problem with my plane in Kuwait resulting in a four-hour delay. However, they helped us pass the time by serving us a good hot dinner :D And it was very good I have to say!
One minor criticism: the plane's air-conditioning isn't powerful enough when it's on the ground!

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Economy CDG - DAC More than 3 years 3 reactions 156 views
Abir T.

Good airline

Paris–Rome - January 2014 – departing 9:15 am – two-hour flight

Economy class: 20 kg checked baggage, and maximum of 7 kg hand baggage .

This was the third time I'd flown this same flight with this airline.
I've never experienced delays, and even though it's only a two-hour flight, a meal tray (pretty good too) is served, along with coffee/tea. Comfortable cushions are available. The cabin crew are very welcoming. The price isn't much higher than with low-cost airlines (for this flight anyway – don't know if that's generally the case), and that's with better service and checked baggage included.

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Economy CDG - FCO More than 3 years 13 reactions 526 views

Décevant (FCO - CDG)

Enregistrement et embarquement rapide à Rome, avion en avance. Placée 19A côté hublot, place que j'avais choisi sur Internet respectée. Coussin...

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 424 views

Un vol fort agréable !

Le siège était relativement confortable, il y avait un espace suffisant pour allonger ses jambes. Différents films était proposé comme le dernier...

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Economy CDG - KWI More than 3 years 6 reactions 210 views

Compagnie à éviter

Retard au départ ainsi qu'en transit donc forcement, à l'arrivée...
Ce sont des choses qui arrivent certes, mais a aucun moment nous avons eu une quelconque information.

Les avions sont totalement obsolètes, les sièges se déboîtent, les écrans ne marchent pas, le personnel n'est pas franchement agréable et autant prévoir de quoi vous restaurer.

Malgré de nombreux voyages précédents avec différentes compagnies, je ne peux que vous déconseiller kuwait airways.
A mon avis, leur prix expliquant ce manque de professionnalisme, mieux vaut ajouter 200 euros pour un voyage, sûr et serein

Je pense que l'information et la communication étant ce qu`'elle est aujourd’hui, les jours de cette compagnie sont comptés.

Je ne manquerai pas de relayer cet avis sur un maximum de site

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Economy CDG - CMB More than 3 years 5 reactions 163 views

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