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Review of Muhammad Bhuyian about the flight Kuwait Airways between London Heathrow and Dhaka on 22/03/2018 in Economy
Muhammad Bhuyian KU / KAC LHR / DAC

I have booked ticket from London to Dhaka for myself and for my sister Lubna Jaismin on 27.01.2018 from OmegaFlightstore.com.

On 8th of Feb I have received email from them that the flight schedule has changed where the transit time in Kuwait airport is 15 Hours. Where else I booked the ticked with 1 hour transit.

When I booked ticked my first priority was less transit time because of my and my sister’s medical condition. My sister had a major backbone operation.

On the other hand me and my sister are visiting Bangladesh for short time for solving our inherited property where we have appointment with housing office at 2 PM on 23.03.2018 and also have to attend a wedding party in the evening.

Transferring inherited property has different steps and every single day of two weeks were booked with different office and different purpose and which is completely massed up.

Every single day is very important and because of that reason we chose Kuwait Airways as we can land in Bangladesh at 10:00 am in the morning so that we can use the day on the other hand our journey time will be increased almost to two days which is really difficult for us.

Now because of change of the schedule the whole plan is massed up. I can’t change Holliday time in my office on the other hand if we can’t attend the appointment we need to change my whole plan.

When the schedule changed I have contacted with OmegaFlightstore.com to sort it out. It about last 5 week I have contacted with them continuously. They told me that they will contact with Airline Company and let me know the update.

It’s about 5 weeks I am waiting for the replay but still now they didn’t inform me anything clearly.

Last 3 days I am trying to contact with Kuwait Airways Ticket, Sales & Customer Services Team. It’s about 1000 times I have ranged them [0208 759 1947, 0208 758 9405, 0208 745 7775]. Most of the time it’s continuously ringing but no one picks up the phone. I have some of the video as well how long I have wasted my time over phone but not able not reach them

However last Tuesday dated 13.03.2018 I have complain using Kuwait Airways Online portal still I didn’t receive any replay even confirmation of receiving my complaint. Then I sent email to lon@kuwaitairways.com, same didn’t received anything yet

Cabin crew also did use mobile phone on board in front of passenger while passenger were not allowed to use.

have some video evidence As well published soon.

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By Muhammad Bhuyian, about Kuwait Airways, , close to Holborn, England, United Kingdom
Posted online by admin, on 21 May 2018, view original version
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