200 km trip for baggage repairs required by KQ

Review of TMO about the flight Kenya Airways between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Lagos on 22/07/2017 in Business

I flew Kenya Airways business class. I have nothing particularly negative to say about the inflight business class service which was quite standard. However my experience with their baggage handling was less than satisfactory. Kenya Airways falls far short of their sky team partners’ in handling baggage issues.

Upon arrival in Lagos, I discovered that my suit case was damaged. After spending an hour to get to fill in a form and have the person in charge of baggage to witness the damage, I asked what the next step would be. I was told that, as the manager would have to see the suitcase, I should return to the airport the next day to show it to him. What! I live over 50 km away from the airport and that would mean a 100 km only return trip to "show and tell"....... I decided to wait at the airport until the manager was available - which meant another hour wait.

Over one hour later, I showed the case to the manager. He told me to bring it back the next day! What! What! What!!! I explained that I had purposely waited to see him due to the problem of distance/Lagos traffic etc. and asked why he needed it the next day after seeing today. He said for "inspection and repairs". I asked him to have a Kenya airways staff to accompany me to my waiting vehicle where I would empty my suitcase and hand it over to their care. He refused. He also informed me that, if I could not return to the airport the next day myself, I could afford to send my driver to deposit the suitcase at the airport.

I have sent a written complaint three times (incident reference # 170724-000206 to Kenya Airways guest support to obtain the their support. They twice wrote to «sincerely apologise for the disappointment gained.» and both times referred me back to their Lagos office (which happens to be at the airport 100 km away/return trip) or simply ignored my email. Ironically, each time I was sent a feedback survey.... I tried the Kenya Airways 24 hour chatline - after being first in queue and waiting for an agent for 20 minutes (three times), I gave up.

Kenya Airways, "the Pride of Africa" is of the opinion that I can afford the stress, time and money to make a 200 km: to drop my baggage for damage inspection then collect it after "possible repairs" otherwise I should repair or replace it myself.

I have had baggage problems with other Sky Team partner airlines - which is inevitable since I travel a great deal - but they have always been resolved in a respectful and professional manner as well as with consideration and minimum discomfort on my side - I actually believe them when they refer to me as a "valued customer". This is certainly not the case with Kenya Airways once one has a baggage problem.

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2 / 5
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2 / 5
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2 / 5
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1 / 5
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3 / 5
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3 / 5
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3 / 5
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By TMO, about Kenya Airways, , close to Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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