They hire theifs!

Review of LHC about the flight Air Malta between London Gatwick and Malta on 05/09/2017 in Economy

We flew from London to Malta and when we arrived to Malta, we were the last couple to get off the plane and all that were left on the plane were flight crew. I had left my cell phone and wallet combination in the seat pocket and by the time that I went through the Passport control section I realized that I had left it there. I immediately went to the customer service desk at the luggage pick up area and the lady there could not care less. she never tried to call until I asked her to. She kept telling me that there was nothing that she could do and that I had to wait until the cleaning crew was done on the plane. I pleaded with her to call someone to go check the seat back pocket at my seat and she finally did. The person took about 10 seconds and answered to her that they could not fine anything on the plane, so she hung up. I pleaded again with her to have someone actually look for it and she said that another passenger took it or that the cleaning crew took and that we would never see it again as they were refugees that the airline hired and that they were theives. AGAIN this person was NO HELP AT ALL! Even after going to the main Air Malta customer service office, their only advice was to go the police and report it and call my card companies.... THANKS FOR THE HELP! WHAT A BUNCH OF THEIVES. Either a crew member (Stewards) or the cleaning crew for the Malta airport took my wallet and phone. I will NEVER fly Air Malta and recommend that no one flies Air Malta.

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By LHC, about Air Malta, , close to Lakewood, Washington, United States
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