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They hire theifs!

We flew from London to Malta and when we arrived to Malta, we were the last couple to get off the plane and all that were left on the plane were...

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Economy LGW - MLA 09/2017

Fly the Maltese Cross

Excellent flight.

Very smooth landings and taking offs.

Always fly Air Malta.

We we're delayed by 15mins departing LGW but we arrived 15mins early into MLA.

Those Maltese pilots are really good.

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Economy LGW - MLA More than 2 years 1 views

A reliable airline

There isn't really a choice when it comes to airlines if you want to go to Malta. The only one that goes there directly is Air Malta. We reserved out tickets billets 1 year in advance, which allowed us to get good rates. I often travel in Europe and I have to say that I'm not really used to the services that Air Malta offered us: refreshments and an evening meal. Only hiccup: when we had left, they settled us into the airplane and had us wait there almost an hour. After 45 minutes of waiting, the pilot finally told us that the toilets in the back of the plane were broken and they were trying to repair them. They provided some water to help us wait, and with a smile. 15 minutes later we had left with the toilets still broken. So why did we wait?
Besides that, this was a pleasant flight with a very professional flight crew.

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Economy ORY - MLA More than 3 years 1 reactions 41 views

Very good airline

The flight was good, as was the meal onboard. The cabin crew were very professional, no complaints there. Even the amount of legroom was very good...

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Economy ORY - MLA More than 3 years 2 reactions 25 views

Not bad

The flight was on an Airbus A320 with a very nice crew. An unexceptional but edible meal tray was served. Landing, however, was rough. The main thing is to arrive and enjoy your vacations.
All in all, it’s a good airline.

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Economy MUC - MLA More than 3 years 1 reactions 18 views

Marseilles-Malta roundtrip

The flight was on time, boarding was quick, and the crew was attentive. The airplane was clean on the Malta-Marseilles route, but a disaster on the Marseilles-Malta route. Actually, the airplane landed in Marseilles, unloaded, filled up, and very quickly departed again, with cleaning thus being minimal.

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Economy MRS - MLA More than 3 years 1 reactions 17 views

A very good flight

Departure from CDG for Malta.

Check-in had no problems and boarding was on time.

We got a friendly welcome from the flight crew. The plane was an Airbus 319 in good shape.
The cabin interior was clean and simple.

The seat was good for a flight of this length. They showed demonstrations and videos on the communal screens during the flight.

I don't remember exactly what services they offered other than the drink (but it's always better than AF).

A very calm and comfortable flight.

Arrival was on time and the luggage arrived quickly.

A good airline for getting to Malta directly.

General: A pleasant flight with no delays, perfect service.

Comfort: Even in economy class, there was pretty much legroom and a spacious seat.
Service: Charming flight attendants who were also cheerful. The drink and meal were pretty good.

Security: Flawless plane. Nothing to say about the interior or exterior.

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Economy CDG - MLA More than 3 years 4 reactions 38 views
Love is in the Air

Onboard service

After a few minutes of flying (around 12:30pm), the crew told us that we were going to be served lunch. Surprise, it was a completely revolting sandwich and a small cake. My wife and I fly a lot and we've never gotten anything that bad. I don't take the plane to enjoy a gourmet feast, but still. What a disappointment on our first trip with this airline. My opinion: don't serve anything. Even the sandwiches they sell on the train are better. Otherwise, the reception was friendly, the seats were good and the flight was nice overall. Thank you for making a note of it, would that work?

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Economy GVA - MLA More than 3 years 3 reactions 69 views

The flight was reserved 8 in advance

The flight was reserved 8 in advance according to my Easter vacation schedule. The schedule was changed 2 months before my departure and two flights a week leaving from Marseilles in the month of April managed to be delayed on the departure flight as well as the return flight, which is a pain when you have to get back to work. Tiny snack. The only advantage: the large amount of space in economy class.

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Economy MRS - MLA More than 3 years
voyageur du 13

No delays to speak of

No delays to speak of. The full meal served on board was included in the plane ticket. Attentive and friendly flight crew. I recommend them with no reservations.

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Economy ORY - MLA More than 3 years 3 reactions
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