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Luggage lost and their partner delivering company is awful

Not very confortable, little space for legs, late, flight, assistants very corteus and polite. They lost 1 Luggage, assure us they would have it delivered on Orkney, where we were staying, that it was no problem to deliver on mainland Orkney in stromness. They said they use a very good company, but they use City bags, which have tons of bad reviews on internet, no telephone number to contact. City bags sent us a message it will deliver the luggage on 3 and then on 4 August. Nothing arrives, klm doesn't know so I contacted Cory bags and they said they don't deliver on island, offering no further help. After 2 days of phoning and texting klm, which said they can't do nothing, I managed to get another telephone number and finally one very professional and proactive operator (the first one) managed to solve the situation. 5 days later we were able to collect the baggage at the island Airport (it wasn't delivered to our address, but at this point we were just so happy to get it we didn't insist to have it delivered as they promised).

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Economy MXP - INV New
Stefania M

Nightmare trip

@klm A Year long preparation for one of the hardest one day bicycle tours in the world, all for nothing. When I opened my bike bag in Trondheim...

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Economy AMS - TRD 06/2019

KLM does not care about you!

From Canada, we had planned a nice organized 5 day cycling tour in Tuscany and had planned to arrive in Florence 2 days earlier to make sure that we...

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Business AMS - FLR 08/2018 2 reactions

Never go on KLM

My seat was no good. Not enough legroom space when I went to Amsterdam on the airplane, no tv no entertainments but magazines.They gave only drinks and snacks. Service not very good, I gave it out of 3/10.

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Economy MAN - CAI More than 3 years

Nice evening flight

Contrary to the outward flight, as I nearly missed my connecting flight, there was enough time (more than an hour) at Amsterdam airport to catch the next plane. However, I would advise to always plan enough time in Amsterdam to catch your connecting flight !

The flight Amsterdam-Munich was short and pleasant, with some drinks and a snack. There was no entertainment for such a short flight. But we flow above Amsterdam by night, which let me good memories!

It was my 4th flight with KLM and it was on time, like all other ones. According to this modest experience, I would recommend flying with KLM.
But I have no experience on long haul flights.

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Economy AMS - MUC More than 3 years

Good short flight

I did not fly very often with KLM, but it was a good discovery. The flights were always on time, like this one from Bristol to Amsterdam. This was important to me, as I had a connecting flight in Amsterdam. I could reach it without any problems. During the flight, as it was short, there was no specific entertainment. But it is not necessary, as the flight duration was about one hour. We got a small snack and of course, drinks. The flight attendants were friendly.

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Economy BRS - AMS More than 3 years

Flight on time

After some stress at Amsterdam Airport to catch my connecting flight, I reached it, but it was at the last second. Anyway, the flight to Bristol was nice, calm and we got a small snack. The personnel was friendly and we arrived on time at Bristol Airport, which was an important point for me, as I had to catch a coach. As I had only cabin luggage, I cannot give a review on luggage management.

For information: Bristol Airport is a small but pleasant airport, with some cafés and shops. Controls are quite rapid.

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Economy AMS - BRS More than 3 years

Plan time at Amsterdam airport!

I flew for the first time with KLM and found the service well. There was a small snack and drinks during the short flight. The personnel was friendly. The difficulty I had, since I had to catch a connecting flight at Amsterdam Airport, was the service on the ground in Amsterdam. I had more than one hour, but as I had to leave the Schengen Area, there was a customs control. This one last very long and was slow. I nearly missed my next plane and it was stress. So, if you travel via Amsterdam, just plan enough time!

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Economy MUC - AMS More than 3 years
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Stefania M Luggage lost and their partner delivering company is awful 1/5
Willem78 Nightmare trip 1/5
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