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Review of JDY about the flight Korean Air between Seoul Incheon and New York Jfk on 16/08/2015 in First
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Korean Air's first class lounge at ICN is cavernous, yet it is filled to the brim with travelers. Wide views toward the runways allow you to watch planes take off and land. Unfortunately, considering that ICN is KE's home turf, the lounge does not lend itself to "first class" expectations (other KE lounges at different airports fare worse). I would consider this average business class, at best.

Upon entrance, one is greeted with late nineties style seats and chairs in an open format. A few floor to ceiling partitions serve to divide the area, but the seating format is duplicated in each section. The seats and chairs are visibly well worn (KE has not updated the interior since ICN's opening). The food area is set up with a self-serve buffet bar with hot and cold provisions that resemble an Ametican Mid-Western buffet resturant off the interstate. Not first class.

I wasn't interested in the food, but their offerings fell far below expectations. Moreover, I found absence of UBS ports to charge my mobile devices completely unacceptable. I brought this up to the attendant at the desk and she offered to charge my phone with her personal charger at her station. I appreciated her effort to accommodate my situation. Still, not first class.

Boarding was a breeze. However, eight gentlemen in similar black suits insisted on boarding through the first class gate although they did not hold first class boarding passes. The gate agent allowed them to pass, before me. I suspect that they were domestic government employees traveling on the country's dime feigning importance. Upon boarding, the entourage walked up the stairs to the all business section of Korean Air's A380. Not first class.

After entering the cabin, one of the cabin attendants asked to see my seat stub and led me to my seat. She took my bag and asked if I needed anything. More importantly, she came down to my seated eye level to welcome me aboard with a smile. That was a nice personal touch that I appreciated.

Prior to push back, the purser came by my seat to inform me that the flight will delayed by forty-five minutes because of the heavy rain down pour. She promptly apologized for the delay and hoped that the delay would not come in conflict with my schedule upon landing at JFK fourteen hours in the future. Attention to detail. That is first class.

The stewardesses were all very accommodating and attentive. They just did not know how to heat up the meals. The entree for both meal sessions were served cold and under-cooked. I am not a fan of airplane food, so it wasn't a big deal. But still. They will do everything for you, but they can't cook. I found this somewhat amusing. Tries very hard to be first class.

The seat itself is Korean Air's Kosomo Sleeper seat. It is wide and roomy. Yet, compared to other Asian carriers, this seat also is need of an update. Don't get me wrong, these seats are heaven and above domestic American carriers, but they lag behind their main competitors in Asia. Alas, this is first class that used to be first class....

Nice experience, but very underwhelming.

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3 / 5
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3 / 5
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By JDY, about Korean Air, , close to Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, via its phone
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  • Seat 2A
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  • Traditional Korean meal setting service (cold entree is covered with upside down plate).

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