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Very good flight with excellent service

The flight departed from HKG two hours late, but this meant we were able to catch it! The service onboard was impeccable, with a choice of good quality Western or Asian meals. The entertainment system on the plane was exactly the same as on Cathay long-haul flights, though without the films.

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Economy HKG - PNH More than 3 years 2 reactions 21 views

A very good flight despite a delay

A good flight. Friendly and helpful flight crew and a wide choice of movies. There was even a USB charger, which was helpful for recharging phones and tablets.
The only drawback: a 1-hour delay, but we learned about it way in advance, so we could live with that.

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Economy HKG - SHA More than 3 years 1 reactions 18 views

A good flight once again

Dragon Air aren't always necessarily on time (two flights, two delays), but they manage things quite well: clear and reliable information provided...

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Economy SHA - HKG More than 3 years 1 reactions 18 views

A very good airline!

Hello everybody. This airline is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific and I've already used it before, last year.

Check-in was fast and the plane was a recent A330-300. We were warmly welcomed on board and the seats were wide and comfortable. In short, it was typical of a good airline.

The take-off and landing were gentle. I recommend this airline to you all.
The plane took off on time and landed five minutes ahead of schedule.

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Economy TPE - HKG More than 3 years 2 reactions 21 views

Very good flight

No complaints about this three and a half hour, problem-free flight. The plane wasn't brand new, but well-maintained and clean.
The seats were in a 3-3 configuration and offered sufficient legroom. There were few films in French, but on a flight as short as this that's not really a problem.
The landing and take-off were very soft, and on schedule. The cabin crew were in attendance, but not excessively so. The meal was decent enough, but no more than that.
In short, a good airline.

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Economy HKG - HKT More than 3 years 1 reactions 9 views

Created a very good impression

The flight itself was good, and we especially appreciated the way they treat passengers. On getting to Hong Kong, we only had a very short interval between the arrival of the Swiss Airlines flight from Zurich and the departure of the Dragonair flight for Hanoi. One of the airline's hostesses was waiting for us with our name displayed as we got off the Swiss Airlines plane, leading us right across Hong Kong Airport via service corridors used by staff. Thank you once again for helping us in this way, and that's without us requesting it; and bravo to this airline for ensuring we were able to get our scheduled flight .

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Economy HKG - HAN More than 3 years 5 reactions 5 views
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