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A Short Flight With a Beautiful View.

It takes barely 45 minutes to fly between Christchurch and Wellington, which meant that we flew at a relatively low altitude and we could enjoy the...

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Economy CHC - WLG More than 3 years

Flight good... before that terrible!

The flight was delayed for 4 hours due to "technical" issues. When we finally got on the bus, they said that there was another delay... we stood in the bus for 1 hour!

But... I must say that the aircraft and the flight part was really good. There was good legroom in the 787 and Jetstar gave all the passengers a free coupon for the inflight entertainment which was nice... the entertainment was good with some new movies but many good older movies.

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Economy SYD - CNS More than 3 years 1 views

Still excellent

This was my third time using Jetstar and I'm still happy with them.

There was ample legroom and the seat was a pretty comfortable, reclinable one in leather.

There was no onboard entertainment except for a magazine, and there were no snacks or drinks included, though they were quite cheap to buy.

The boarding process was very quick and efficient. Baggage check-in was also very quick: they have a lot of desks at Sydney Airport.

A little music played whilst everyone was getting themselves settled into their seats. The cabin crew were nice, cheerful and always in attendance.

The take-off and landing were excellent, as was the flight punctuality.

Baggage retrieval was fast.

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Economy SYD - CHC More than 3 years 3 reactions 71 views

Night flight

Night flight without problems. The only negative point was having chosen to leave from Avalon, a kind of Australian Beauvais-Tillé. The airport...

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Economy AVV - BNE More than 3 years 6 reactions 89 views

The flight had some turbulence

The weather at departure was not good at all. As a result the takeoff was really very turbulent, and it lasted until we reached cruising altitude...

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Economy SYD - MEL More than 3 years 31 reactions 153 views

Pleasant flight

Another very pleasant flight with Jetstar airways. We arrived 5 minutes early and arrived almost 20 minutes early. -Positive points- Boarding...

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Economy CNS - BNE More than 3 years 32 reactions 82 views


This was a very pleasant flight between Brisbane and Cairns. It was 2 hours and 10 minutes but I didn't notice the time passing. -Positive points...

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Economy BNE - CNS More than 3 years 22 reactions 51 views

EasyJet's twin

After a three-day layover in Singapore, we took a flight to Bali on JetStar, an Australian low-cost airline (Qantas). The flight left almost 2 late...

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Economy SIN - DPS More than 3 years 3 reactions 403 views

I recommend it

A pleasant airline. The seat was comfortable. The temperature was nice. The crew was pleasant. No free entertainment—a magazine would have been good. No meal during the flight. Takeoff and landing were perfect—the person sitting next to me didn't even wake up with the landing. Very nice handling of the luggage and perfect punctuality.

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Economy DRW - BKK More than 3 years 1 reactions 73 views

Nice airline

The plane took off one hour late due to a mechanical problem, but we were constantly informed by the crew, who properly handled the situation. The flight was very good. They charged for everything (except for the radio), but this is normal, since this is a low-cost airline. It’s a pity that there was very little legroom. We made up for the delay a little during the flight, because we landed only 30 minutes late. I recommend this airline!

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Economy BNE - DPS More than 3 years 2 reactions 91 views
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