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Bled / Aria

Ljubljana is undoubtedly the only city where the tourist bureau will advise you to go to take a tour of the dump…. Bled ("bled" meaning "dump," in...

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Economy LJU - BRU More than 3 years 9 reactions 48 views

It's interesting

Having seen the reviews online, I was really afraid of what awaited my family and myself. Actually, it turned out to be pretty close to what we usually have with Air France. Very nice airplane, a nice crew, and a meal worthy of airline gastronomy (no more, no less).
So, for the price of the ticket, it’s interesting.
For big people (my son is 2 m tall), the seats are a little narrow. It’s important to note that we thought we had booked tickets by the emergency exits. Pay attention to the website when you reserve emergency exit seats. On the drawing, check the orientation of the seats with the headrest. This will help you avoid finding yourself on the other side of the dividing wall from the normal seats. With the exception of this anecdote, we’re very satisfied with the service.

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Economy CDG - SFO More than 3 years 2 reactions 58 views

Paris-Skopje via Ljubljana

CRJ900 and Airbus A319.
Very pleasant crew, a feeling of safety on the flight. Very comfortable leather seats.
The engine wasn’t noisy, the personal space was largely sufficient, the restrooms were impeccably clean. The meal was complimentary, but a little deceiving (food), but for this type of route, it’s not a big problem. Material in very good shape. On board, we could see that the crew was very attentive. Safety instructions were presented. It’s not the first time that I fly with Adria Airways and I never get tired of it. It’s always very pleasing to travel with this airline. And, a last thing, very good pilots, very competent.

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Economy CDG - SKP More than 3 years 2 reactions
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