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Review of medimed1 about the flight Meridiana between Venice and Heraklion on 07/09/2013 in Economy
medimed1 IG / ISS VCE / HER
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Last year I flew with my family to Crete and we choose Meridiana because of its no-stop connection.
We lost the first full day of holiday because of re-scheduling of the flight.
Checking in at Heraklion was then very demanding due to lack of indications, turned-off monitors and extremely slow clearing of a very very long line.
Planes were old, dirty and uncomfortable on both ways.
All this not withstanding and a non-low-cost fares (1,200 €. !!) , we choose this year again meridiana for no-stop connection and an evening fly back home allowing a full day vacation .
After paying with a 2-month advance such an expensive fare, we've been noticed re-schedule of the morning flight.
Such tickets are available on internet starting at 75 €., since - rather obviously - no one would pay a full day hotel stay just to leave at 7 a.m.
My guess is that the company intentionally operates in overbooking.
meridiana call center was totally unhelpful, while customer relations lacks a phone number and does not reply to e-mails..
We had to re-program the whole holiday (flight, hotel) losing money and wasting time.
Not surprisingly , Meridiana fly is struggling in severe financial distress, according to official reports and newspapers!
This might at the root of some frustration of it employees, and travelers might consider also this when choosing airlines.
Personally I'll stay well away from Meridiana in the future

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By medimed1, about Meridiana, , close to Padova, Veneto, Italy
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xoxmartina replied

Meridiana is not honoring your printed boarding pass nor your your confirmed City of Arrival.They send you to WRONG City at midnite, you stay all alone 1000 miles( km) away from where you booked
5 weeks before we paid for Premium flight!
Do not trust this airline...we never fly again!
No Refund offered, just plain LIES!typical Italy!

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