Madrid Arrival and Transfer to Malaga

Review of Trudy Willis about the flight Iberia between Amsterdam and Madrid on 02/03/2017 in Economy
Trudy Willis IB / IBE AMS / MAD

These two flights with Iberia (Amsterdam to Madrid; Madrid to Malaga) were satisfactory. The seating was comfortable and the service efficient and friendly...

A second Iberia boarding pass for the second leg of my journey, Madrid-Malaga, was given to me as I boarded the first leg with Iberia (Amsterdam-Madrid).

However, once I landed in Madrid Airport, with only 45 minutes to board the next Iberia flight, things became crazy... Once off the first plane, I immediately walked to the gate on the boarding pass (=15 min) only to discover that a gate change had been made which was closer to the point where I had first arrived (this then resulted in a 15 min "walk" back to where I had started).

There I discovered that the new gate was in a completely different terminal ("M") which required me to search for a "well-hidden" elevator, exit it, and then "jump" onto a subway train. Unfortunately all the Airport Personnel whom I asked for help along the way neither could speak English, German or French...exasperating.

When finally in M Section, the numbering of the gates there made no sense. Thankfully an employee at my Iberia gate waved to me to come, as I circled around that hall in total confusion.

As we were on the last bus, my fellow stragglers and I then had to give up our "cabin luggage" before we could enter the plane. Unfortunately when we landed in Malaga, mine could not be found until the very last passenger had disappeared.

I'm extremely disappointed with the transfer process of Iberia and the lack of clear directions at Madrid Airport. Will avoid both in future.

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2 / 5
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4 / 5
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1 / 5
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4 / 5
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4 / 5
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By Trudy Willis, about Iberia, , close to Motril, Andalusia, Spain
Posted online by Nicolas, on 16 March 2017, view original version
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