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A good flight

For our trip to Agadir, the tour operator (Thomas Cook/Jet Tour) put us on Transavia flights. We left for Orly South in the morning for 6:40 am...

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Economy ORY - AGA More than 3 years 4 reactions 61 views

Very good flight

Although I usually use standard airlines or charters for my Greece trips, this year I made a round trip flight on Transavia, whose schedules made it...

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Economy LYS - ATH More than 3 years 6 reactions 119 views

A perfect flight

- There were no delays at departure and the arrival was even a few minutes early. - A welcoming flight crew :) - Very comfortable seats with plenty...

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Economy ORY - BCN More than 3 years 9 reactions 126 views

Do not trust them !

My flight was 5 hours late. I had to leave at 7.45 pm and I left at 01h45 am. I was home at 6am. Lots of problems, lots of money. I have already sent two emails and nobody has answered me yet. I think I am gonna ask my lawyer, because it is not the way to deal with customers: it is barbaric and ruthless. It was a (tiring and stressful) nightmare and I paid my ticket 165 euro. I did not expect Transavia to be so direspectuful and disorganized.

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Economy NAP - ORY More than 3 years 6 reactions 30 views

Endless delay hell

This was my second time flying with Transavia and the second time the plane was over three hours late.
For the last segment, from Tunis to Orly, the plane was so late that we landed at Charles de Gaulle.

The cabin crew barely apologized and gave no information to the passengers.

It was always too cold inside the plane, especially during takeoff, when it was barely tolerable if you were wearing a sweater. Customer service was nonexistent. I do not recommend this airline.

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Economy ORY - TUN More than 3 years 13 reactions 272 views

Very nice flight

Pleasant flight, pleasant and smiling cabin crew, adequately clean airplane. The air conditioning was too cold; my companion was cold throughout the...

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Economy ORY - DBV More than 3 years 30 reactions 1,6k views

Very good, just like the departure flight

Having already provided a review about the departure flight. I have a lot less to say on the subject this time.

Baggage check-in was fast. The plane left on time and arrived at Orly on time.

The welcome from the flight crew was once again nice and cheerful—the Transavia crews are truly dynamic and friendly. The crew has a nice attitude and it's very pleasant.

There was a very good hot meal served (thank you, Servair). During the rest of the flight they offered tea, coffee, juice, soda, cake and fruit.

Disembarkation was by bus since we were still parked far away.

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Economy SID - ORY More than 3 years 6 reactions 136 views
Love is in the Air

Very pleased with my flight

This went on a one-way Paris-Lisbon flight with this airline and I was not disappointed. The flight was booked 15 days before departure for a 6 a.m...

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Tweet from the airline
Economy ORY - LIS More than 3 years 10 reactions 1,3k views

Rather sufficient...

Left at 4:00 in the morning to go to Orly South, I arrived 2 hours in advance and I went to the check-in counter. All the morning destinations were...

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Economy ORY - SID More than 3 years 23 reactions 3,6k views

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