Air Seychelles : Abu Dhabi - Paris Charles De Gaulle

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A normal flight (very few passengers, so there was a lot of room)

Etihad flight operated by Air Seychelles.

A nice reception, rapid boarding (not a lot of people).

However, we had to wait 1 hour before the terminal was displayed as compared to the same flight (Etihad) though leaving 10 minutes earlier (from the other terminal) in view of the sorting of the display, this was barely 1 hour before the flight.

Very good service and, as the menu explained, a quick sandwich so you could go to bed early (night flight). Moreover, the main light was turned off very early, unlike on the departure flight (and this was also a night flight on Etihad). Then there was a hot meal for breakfast.

The seats were a little worn, but that was fine.

In-flight temperature was comfortable.

A little surprise during the announcements: in French + in Creole (+ in English of course)


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A pleasant surprise

I was expecting the worst after reading some reviews, but it was a very nice trip! After facing the awful organization of Etihad and the Abu Dhabi airport (a one-hour delay and no information), I was pleasantly surprised by this airline.

The flight attendants were helpful and attentive. The plane wasn't the fanciest, but it was adequate (perhaps because it was empty…). Departure was at 2 a.m., but this was not a problem. They gave us a snack while many people were sleeping and I found this simple action to be very nice. Well, the flight itself was perfect, better than the one with Etihad (the previous flight)…

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