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A Good Airline.

Very nice flight with a layover in the Seychelles. We left on time, no delays. Very friendly flight crew. The meal was more than satisfactory...

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Economy CDG - MRU 03/2016 3 reactions 55 views
marie 72300

Excellent Airline

1st flight on Air Seychelles in economy class. Antananarivo-Mahe then Mahe-Paris.

Exceptional comfort in economy class, lots of legroom.

The plane was clean and the crew was surprisingly nice. Very good meal.

Air Seychelles is much better than most airlines and has no reason to be jealous of airlines from Asia and the Gulf and especially Air France.

I absolutely recommend it, especially for going to Madagascar like I did.

And it's by far the least expensive option.

Bravo Air Seychelles, don't ever change.

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Economy SEZ - CDG 11/2015 1 reactions 1 views


We traveled from Paris to the Seychelles with Etihad, and the last leg was operated by Air Seychelles, which belongs to Ethiad.

The planes were new Airbuses.
There weren't a lot of people, you could stretch out.

Otherwise there's not a lot to say about this airline, which is standard, nothing is exceptional, or even very good.

Everything was good but nothing more: legroom, service, crew, etc. This is the kind of flight you take because you have to, and you want to get there as quickly as possible.

In short, I wouldn't choose this airline again but for the Seychelles there is no choice.

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Economy AUH - SEZ More than 2 years 6 views

Mahé to Mahėbourg

A vacation flight, with plenty of sun through the windows. The A320 from Air Seychelles had a 2-2 business cabin of 4 gray rows, and the rest were...

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Business SEZ - MRU More than 2 years 36 reactions 525 views

A normal flight (very few passengers, so there was a lot of room)

Etihad flight operated by Air Seychelles.

A nice reception, rapid boarding (not a lot of people).

However, we had to wait 1 hour before the terminal was displayed as compared to the same flight (Etihad) though leaving 10 minutes earlier (from the other terminal) in view of the sorting of the display, this was barely 1 hour before the flight.

Very good service and, as the menu explained, a quick sandwich so you could go to bed early (night flight). Moreover, the main light was turned off very early, unlike on the departure flight (and this was also a night flight on Etihad). Then there was a hot meal for breakfast.

The seats were a little worn, but that was fine.

In-flight temperature was comfortable.

A little surprise during the announcements: in French + in Creole (+ in English of course)


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Economy AUH - CDG More than 2 years 1 reactions 213 views

A pleasurable flight

A short flight between the Seychelles' two biggest islands in a Twin Otter. Forget comfort, silence and air conditioning. Instead, take advantage...

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Economy SEZ - PRI More than 2 years 4 reactions 144 views
Commandant Avou

Not terrible

The plane was new but there was no space. The TV screen was small and the choice of entertainment was very limited.
Uncomfortable seats. The flight crew was unfriendly and there were too may of them. There were delays on all of the flights (1 layover) without any reason and the cherry on top was that we had a more than 1h30min delay arriving in Paris because we had to wait for other passengers. The temperature was turned down low.
Customer service was nonexistent if there was any problem. We asked to be reimbursed for the train tickets that we had to buy after the delay and the responses were lost. Unacceptable.

I'll never take Air Seychelles again.

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Economy CDG - SEZ More than 2 years 4 reactions 223 views

A pleasant surprise

I was expecting the worst after reading some reviews, but it was a very nice trip! After facing the awful organization of Etihad and the Abu Dhabi airport (a one-hour delay and no information), I was pleasantly surprised by this airline.

The flight attendants were helpful and attentive. The plane wasn't the fanciest, but it was adequate (perhaps because it was empty…). Departure was at 2 a.m., but this was not a problem. They gave us a snack while many people were sleeping and I found this simple action to be very nice. Well, the flight itself was perfect, better than the one with Etihad (the previous flight)…

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Economy AUH - CDG More than 2 years 1 reactions 171 views

Vol business pour Maurice

Etant en escale à cet aéroport, nous n'avons pas eu à faire d'enregistrement de bagages, nous étions dans le salon Lounge "vallée de Mai", espace très typé exotique, plein de voyageurs en attente de leur vol comme nous. L’hôtesse d'accueil pas très loquace avec nous, mais davantage avec son téléphone.

Les sièges sont d'un confort moyen, un petit buffet offre divers encas, des jus de fruits et du vin blanc (pas de rouge, dommage, le fromage était excellent !).

L'embarquement nous a été donné au dernier carat, on a pu rejoindre l'avion à pieds.

La classe business est plutôt de l'économie améliorée, un petit déjeuner nous a été proposé aussitôt le décollage, le PNC était très sympa, ont ressentait déjà l'exotisme et la chaleur pays.

Vol sans histoire, mais avec plus d'1/2 heure de retard, pas sympa pour la personne qui nous attendait à Maurice par 33° devant l'aéroport.

Les bagages sur le tapis avant notre arrivée, pourtant en business nous étions les 1er partout, sortie d'avion et file de douane (mais le préposé à la douane lui n'était "business" par sa lenteur....ᕙ༼*◕_◕*༽ᕤ....)

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Business SEZ - MRU 01/2017
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