Worst ever experience - Very rude crew

Review of #31755 about the flight Pegasus Airlines between Skopje and Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen on 04/01/2020 in Economy
#31755 H9 / PGT SKP / SAW

I was flying with Pegasus on 04.Jan.2020 from Skopje to Istanbul on flight no. PC 352 with my wife and daughter. I want to complain on two of the flight attendants. Their names are Mutlu and Elena. When we were boarding, we reached our seat and we had only one carry on bag for the three of us and the overhead luggage compartment was full by other passengers. I called Mutlu and told him that we need to put our bag because this compartment is for our seats. He was answering in a rude way saying "No this is not your place". I told him: there is no logic in what you are saying, the compartment should be allocated for passengers of the same row. What if I have important things in my bag and it gets stolen? Are you going to be held responsible? Where in the world can you find such a logic?". This will be definitely a messy situation if randomly every passenger will place their luggage where ever they want. Mutlu was rude and I did not want to make a drama, so I moved to the far end and placed our bag in the compartment.

Later on, 30 minutes before reaching Istanbul, my wife called the flight attendant "Elena" and my wife asked her nicely to bring the bag for us before landing because the passengers will be standing and then we have to wait for all passengers to evacuate and then we can go through the isle to get our bag. Elena refused to help us saying that she cannot do that for us. I told her why should we suffer because of your unorganized behavior? She kept arguing that the compartment is not allocated for us. She was so rude with us the way she is talking to us.

After landing, we were waiting until the plane clears out, then I went to take the bag and as we approached the exit, I asked gently for the IDs and names of these two flight attendants, Mutlu said to me you cannot take a photo of the ID. I told him I don't want to take a photo, I want the ID number and name because I want to complain. They were hiding their ID cards. I said to them why you are not showing the cards? Is this a war secret? You are supposed to identify yourself. At the end Mutlu was writing his name and Elena's first name only. They didn't show their ID information which is supposed to be exposed. They did not even give me their surnames.

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