Horrible airline! Avoid! Given same seat and name, lost baggage. Flight delay. Horrible staff

Review of Traveler 78569 about the flight Pegasus Airlines between Rome Fiumicino and Athens on 25/06/2019 in First
Traveler 78569 H9 / PGT FCO / ATH

Our flight from Rome to Athens wasn’t booked through Pegasus airlines. With a short 1.5 hour delay in Istanbul.

First the ticket lady was slow and incompetent and had a bunch of extra fees. She gave us our boarding passes, we proceeded through security and customs. To find on the plane she seat assigned was given to someone else. We had a flight delay if 1 hour to resolve it.

Our baggage was checked and is now I’m someone else’s name that get off in Istanbul. We were told we have to get off go through security and immigration to gerbil our baggage, then go back through security and immigration to catch our next flight. This isn’t going to happen with less than 1 hour.

He then said u can catch your next flight and we’ll mail you your luggage. This can’t happen due to we won’t be in Athens for 2-3 days as well as it’s in a another name and confirmation. It won’t track it.

The aircrew and staff were extremely rude and took all our documents and blamed us as if we made and typed our tickets incorrectly. Then blasted us in the intercom to blame us passengers for the delay.

Now have to catch the delayed flight and figure out how to get my luggage and to Greece due their mistake(s).

Avoid this airline even if it’s few bucks cheaper. It will save you money and time in the long run.

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