I URGE you to think very carefully before booking a flight with Pegasus Airlines even the CEO ignores your complaint!

Review of KWA1 about the flight Pegasus Airlines between Ercan and Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen on 23/09/2018 in Economy

My wife and I flew from Northern Cyprus, we took off on a 1hr 15min flight to Istanbul, 30 minutes in the captain informed us of fog at Istanbul and he hoped it would clear by the time we got there. Well I kinda hoped that the captain had checked before he took off that he would be able to land. Apparently not! As you guessed, we were unable to land at Istanbul so we were diverted to Ankara 350km in the opposite direction. After zero information and sitting in the plane on the stand at Ankara for 1hr 45mins we took off for Istanbul again this time the airport was open, he’d even checked!
Of course on arrival at Istanbul it transpired, not unsurprisingly that we had missed the connection flight to London Stansted. I can only describe what came next as pure chaos. First we were getting the next flight then we weren’t. But actually we were going to a hotel because there was no room on the next flight. After 2 hours of queuing, pushing, shoving and a lot of raised blood pressures we eventually got a voucher for a hotel and told (only by some very helpful English Turkish speaking Cypriots we would be catching the 11.10am flight the next morning. Information, guidance and help from the Pegasus staff was non existent, they are mostly rude, most can’t speak English and if you ask any of them who can they will plead ignorance.
Of course we now needed a visa to enter Turkey (not a requirement for Northern Cyprus) £25 each ‘on the door’ x 2 £50 out of pocket, 1 days work lost x 2, plus incidental costs as well. We had no luggage so had to buy a change of clothes each and some toiletries. I estimate Pegasus incompetence to have cost me upwards of £500 in total.
On arriving at the hotel it became evident that the bus driver had gone to the wrong hotel 30 mins in the opposite direction to the one we were booked into. Having caught the transfer from our holiday hotel at 3am we finally arrived at the correct hotel in Istanbul (1hr 15 min flight time away remember) at 4.30pm! On arrival back at the airport the next morning we were told after queuing up for over 1hr again by our English, Turkish speaking Cypriots (by this time friends), that the flight we had been re-booked on was full. The next flight was at 20.50 the same evening so we went back to the hotel! We wasted 36hrs with no apology, no empathy, no attempt to organise a replacement flight with another airline, no nothing!
We should have arrived back at London Stansted at 11am Sunday, finally got back at 11.15pm Monday.
I wrote an email of complaint to the CEO of Pegasus Airlines Mehmet Nane, I advise you not to waste your time. He, or I guess his office passed it to the customer service department who as I had already found out are not fit for purpose they offered a weak apology and 3000 reward points, asking me to get in touch so they could open me a reward points account, yes seriously. So I wrote again to the CEO suggesting he may like to re-consider his companies reply before I left feedback on my experience. This time he ignored me.
In summary, this is complete shambles of a company, they have scant regard for their customers and they treat you like animals taking no responsibility for their incompetence or mistakes. Their customer service is the worst ever and reflects their general attitude to their customers. Never ever again would I contemplate travelling with them and I will actively advise anyone else thinking of doing so. NOT TO!

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I have just seen the comments above surly someone must have something good to say I am very concerned as my husband is flying with them next week I do hope my husband will arrive and return from his destination safely with no complaints and can write a positive review.

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