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H9 / PGT

Horrible airline! Avoid! Given same seat and name, lost baggage. Flight delay. Horrible staff

Our flight from Rome to Athens wasn’t booked through Pegasus airlines. With a short 1.5 hour delay in Istanbul. First the ticket lady was slow and...

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First FCO - ATH 06/2019
Traveler 78569

If you want to live, don’t fly Pegasus

Pegasus is by far the worst most disgusting scariest airline We’ve ever flown on. Not only did they delay our flight by 1.5 hr, they didn't even offer a single cup of water on the flight (you had to pay for everything which we didn’t). We went though a series of turbulences where we actually thought we were going to die. The pilot was flying so fast that we were making our last prayers. Didn’t speak on mic to let us know what was happening either. Not a word of comfort or information (on our location) Shame on you Pegasus. Never again. Satan himself wouldn't even feel safe on your flight.

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Economy PRG - IST 01/2019


I’ll admit I’m an adventurous person, with little fear, I like extreme sports and am open to new crazy things. I have NEVER feared for my life more...

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Economy MCT - SXF 01/2019 2 reactions

I URGE you to think very carefully before booking a flight with Pegasus Airlines even the CEO ignores your complaint!

My wife and I flew from Northern Cyprus, we took off on a 1hr 15min flight to Istanbul, 30 minutes in the captain informed us of fog at Istanbul and...

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Economy ECN - SAW 09/2018 3 reactions

Worst Experience Ever!

Me and my friend had the worst possible experience with Pegasus and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) staff; on June 29th 2018 we were going from...

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Economy IST - IKA 06/2018 1 reactions

Pegasus Airlines has appalling customer service and I would not recommend them.

After booking a flight for 2 passengers I realised that I had input a surname incorrectly. After searching the Pegasus website trying to find how to...

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Economy BJV - STN More than 2 years 3 reactions

What a shower of amatures

Most unhelpful staff that really could not be bothered about you the customer.

Charged more for soft drinks that their own catalogue blaming this is the old catalogue.

Late by 45 minutes, missing connecting flight, but that's not their fault.

Changed return flight and you just pay the difference... Wrong, you pay in full, seats, bags the lot and then try and fight for your part of the refund.

If what you see in customer service is so poor... Don't be sunrise down if other corner cutting measures are in place.

Seats not comfortable.
No entertainment.
Send your bags without you travelling which I think a no no in security in the modern world.

Shocking poor service.

Don't fly with this pig not peg airline...

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Economy DLM - STN More than 2 years

Bad airlines with a very rude crew

Pegasus airlines is a very bad company with a very rude crew staff. All the crew staff and especially two crew women's at the boarding gate 201 A...

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Economy SAW - KWI More than 3 years 3 reactions

Awful trip

Flight 1.5 hours late departing pretty normal for this company.

Missed connection at Istanbul. Ground staff do not really understand English.

No seats on next flight.

Given wrong information twice by staff insisting it was correct then told I did not understand English.

Waited hours late at night for eventual connection.

Asked employee about whereabouts of luggage.

He said he could help if I went home with him.

Incompetent, inefficient and deeply unpleasant airline which treats passengers with contempt. Avoid.

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Economy MRS - IST More than 3 years

Zero Stars.

I have been flying since 1982 for both leisure and business trips. I have flown in various cabins. In all my time flying I have never experienced...

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Economy LGW - SSH More than 3 years 5 reactions 45 views
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In France

Phone: +33 (0)1 70 70 07 37

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Headquarters  Turkey

Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi Anonim Sirketi
Aeropark Yenişehir Mah. Osmanlı Bulvarı
No:11 34912
Kurtköy Istanbul
Phone: 0 850 250 0 737

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