Horrible Communications and Service, Worst Experience with a National Carrier

Review of Stef.P about the flight Garuda Indonesia between Singapore and Jakarta Soekarno on 19/05/2020 in Economy

Really HORRIBLE SERVICE from a national carrier. Garuda Indonesia did not highlight in the bookings and/or confirmation that customers flying to Indonesia would require a medical cert to certify that the person is fit to fly. Note that this is such a SENSITIVE PERIOD due to the covid situation (background: contract is up and helper wants to go back to Indonesia to celebrate Hari Raya with her family).

Appalled that there was no mention anywhere and we had to rush for my helper to get a checkup at the very last minute right before checking in. Was very worried that she would miss her flight, again, due to the long queue at the airport's medical centre as the lines were long and many were Indonesian helpers presumably flying back to Indonesia as well. It also costs 4 times the original price of getting the medical cert at other clinics outside of the airport. We could have brought her for a checkup at a more relaxed pace if we knew earlier too.

Her original flight a day earlier at 2pm of 18 May was cancelled 5 hours before takeoff via SMS ONLY, at 9.30am. There was no email confirmation so I called in at 10.48am to confirm the change of flight to the next day. Even over the phone, the service agent DID NOT mention about the medical cert when she could have gave a friendly reminder.

So the last minute cancellation was done 5 hrs before flight and there was ZERO mention of the document (medical cert) to fly anywhere, during the booking, or confirmation. After writing in to Garuda for an explanation for their lousy and lack-of-communication, they've decided to just blame their Indonesian Government for the regulations instead of being responsible as the carrier and first point of contact and ignore my messages thereafter.

Please Garuda Indonesia, if you want to provide a service, do it well and for your country's sake, do it properly to uphold the standards befitting the national carrier. Please don't be a disgrace nor mention that you're a 5-star airline if you can't even do this right!

Shocked that at the point of writing, Garuda Indonesia has 4 stars on TripAdvisor. Really APPALLING SERVICE and they definitely do not deserve the 4-stars.

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1 / 5
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2 / 5
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1 / 5
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