WORST Airline Ever!

Review of zue about the flight Garuda Indonesia between Singapore and Jakarta Soekarno on 24/08/2017 in Economy
zue GA / GIA SIN / CGK

Those who been to Singapore, should know that Singapore is known one of the Best airport in the world. Seriously.

I am taking Garuda airline, which is not a budget airline. So I didn't expected I need to take a bus to reach the plane. normally only Cheap budget flight make passengers to do that.
However, look like Garuda is quite cheap too. unfortunately, my flight required to take a bus.

When I am reaching the gate, The bus is not leaving yet, the security tried to ask the bus to let me onboard, however, thanks to the Local Boarding crew of Garuda, they asking the Bus to leave without me,

I thought, there is another bus, as there is at least like 15 mins-20 mins for the plane to fly.

When i check with the local crew, that is the last bus, then when i ask why you let the bus leave without me, they didn't explain to me, they asking to front desk to get the next flight.
Since this is not a budget airline, i thought I don't have to pay for the flight.
again to my surprise, they make me to pay for the full price for the ticket. Can you imagine, really how desperate this airline is to try all the way to make advantage to their passenger.

when I asking to speak to manager, manager refuse to show. and also, asking to write feedback, Guess what, they don't even care about the feedback, no one even get back to me.

Seriously, if you want to use this lousy airline, God bless you. for small matter like this, they could make such mess, can you imagine, if you have a bigger issue that this? THEY DON't CARE!!

I voted this the Lousy airline in the Entire Universe!

Overall rating
1 / 5
Value (price + quality)
1 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
1 / 5
Management of luggage
1 / 5
On board
1 / 5
Costumer service
1 / 5
Your opinion of security
1 / 5
1 / 5
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By zue, about Garuda Indonesia,
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