Syphax Airlines : Tunis - Paris Charles De Gaulle

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Among the worst airlines, make sure not to make purchases with your credit card

Mediocre onboard service. Unsympathetic customer service. Bad foreign language skills. Duty free items were available on board, and my bankcard was...

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Economy TUN - CDG More than 3 years 5 reactions 61 views

Never again

Beware: many flights cancelled; many of flights put back; read your contracts well because nothing is refundable and additional costs caused by cancellations and delayed flights are not taken into account.

I have tried them twice:
- 14 July flight cancelled and put back to the 16 July (with train travel costs involved as well).
- A flight scheduled for 9:00 am on the 4 August put back to 5:29 pm with no warning: I was only told about it when I got to the airport in Tunis! I took an alternative flight with another airline.

On returning to France I asked for a refund for the return ticket but didn't get anything.
The airline has the right to change the times of flights and there are no refunds under any circumstances. And in addition to this there's the matter of the people who work at Tunis airport: unprofessional and not willing to listen, especially the chief steward.
A rubbish airline.

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Economy TUN - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 126 views

Never seen anything like it in Tunisia! Great flight

On October 8, I went on a Tunis-Paris flight on board of Syphax Airlines FS104, departing at 9:05 a.m. I arrived at the check-in counter at 7 a.m...

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Economy TUN - CDG More than 3 years 14 reactions 992 views

Le rêve

Cela fait mon 3eme voyage avec Syphax Airlines et c'est toujours très bien et même de mieux en mieux. Départ dimanche 8 août 9:05 arrivée à...

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Economy TUN - CDG More than 3 years 6 reactions 144 views

La meilleure compagnie compagnie tunisienne

Tunis Paris FS 104. Enregistrement 3 boxes 20 kg par personne + 3 kilos sont offerts J'avais 26 kg mais le personnel assez sympa ne dissent rien. Prévu à l'heure 9:05. Embarquement à l'heure 8h15 par Paxbus. Airbus A319. Personnel de bord, des femmes très souriantes. Mon siège 4D que j'ai choisis sur le site de la compagnie avant mon départ. Je mesure 1m83 est j'ai assez d'espace pour mes jambes. Embarquement clos à 8h55. Décollage 09:09 à l'heure. Après quelques minutes, un petit dejeuner est servis part les hôtesses qui sont toujours très souriante. 12h19, Arrivée à Paris CDG T1. Arrivée 21 min avant l'heure. Vraiment bien pour une compagnie tunisienne. Comparer à Nouvelair, Tunis Air, XL et Air mediterannée... Débarquement par passerelle... Arrivée des bagages rapide. Je vous conseille cette compagnie.

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Economy TUN - CDG More than 3 years 12 reactions 449 views

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