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NEVER FLY RYANAIR!!! I’ll explain why, I was planning a 3 week European vacation for a family of 5 (including myself), I initially chose Ryanair...

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Economy LGW - DUB 01/2019

AVOID Ryanair!! (Unless urgent and no option

First of all, this airline is not cheap, there is filthy hidden costs that they don't show online when you first see the price. I suggest you choose this airline if only there is urgent trip and you are traveling with one backpack or one handbag (with water and snacks). The most irritating part is this airline deliberately assigns different seats to family member even if you check in the earliest possible time and even if the seats in your row is empty. I haven't seen such filthy practice in any other airline. Their carry on baggage size is smaller than other airline and the charge for checking bag is outrageous and to add to your misery they charge you double the rate when you check in at the counter. Also, better check in online or app, otherwise you pay for checkin at the airport.! If you planning a trip few months ahead, better choose any other airline than this one.

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Economy AMS - AGP 12/2018

terrible cheap airline

I try to check in at the desk to get my boarding pass almost tow hours before flight time and was told I need to check online or pay extra 110 Euros for two to check in! Also I only have 10 minutes to find a computer to log in Ryan air website and put my info in and check in! At the airport on international flight, have 10 minutes to get WIFI and Ryan air website very slow and froze on me and could not check in online as 10 minutes expired and they charged me 110 more Euros to fly! Never had used an airline that forced you to get boarding pass online or pay 110 more euros just to get boarding pass! Even water not free on the flight! Everything is add on and very misleading! Do not use Ryan air!

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Economy BCN - FCO 07/2018

Threatened by a Portuguese male crew member

Flight FR 6532 OPO-MRS 22 Aug 2017
The male crew member (Portuguese, black short curly hair, ca. 1m78, 90kgs) placed me on seat 2D instead of my paid seat 2F. As I asked him for his name to process for a refund he answered very aggressively and did not of course comply to my request. Later, as I used my phone to read a document, he came to me and "ORDERED" me to delete what he thought a picture of him that I supposedly took with the phone. I refused and he THREATENED me with calling the police, he said repeatedly: "I know your name, and I will write things about you". I still did not execute his order of course, and he reiterated his THREATS several times in front of all the surrounding passengers. This is an UNACCEPTABLE behaviour, INCORRECT, AGGRESSIVE and THREATENING attitude towards a CLIENT!! I would like to know what RYANAIR, which has awards for its client service is going to do about this.

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Economy OPO - MRS More than 2 years

Terrible. The worst airline I've ever dealt with.

My flight was canceled (they let the passengers know about this 1,5 hrs. prior to the departure), I had to wait for about 2 hours in a line just to speak to their representative (1 person at service only - for the whole airport!) who was entitled to "deal with the situation". Though, that person was absolutely of no help: "The flight is canceled; please - read the brochure on how to act in this situation; - no, unfortunately, we do not have any other flights to Milan today; - you may collect the papers proving your losses and send them to our HQ; bye-bye!".

No excuses from them, no information for me on how to act further, no suggestions. Terrible... At last, I had to fly there with an other airline - by the way of purchasing a new ticket and losing a day of my vacation.

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Economy CGN - BGY More than 3 years

Already late for the first flight of the day

We decided to fly on Monday 4th to have a cheaper flight. And we opted for an early flight from Shannon.

I slept at the Park Inn. At this time, the airport is empty.

20 minutes after leaving the hotel, we were ready to board and the security was passed.

Unforunately the flight has been delayed of 35 min but it arrived only 15 min late.

The flight was good and the arrival too.

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Economy SNN - STN More than 3 years

Enjoyable flight!

We left Marseille on time, the crew was very nice.

They proposed to put our baggage in the hold for free. The plane was almost full, but we had the chance to have 3 seats for 2.

We arrived early at STN, we passed the border in 5 minutes, then grabbed our luggage in 5 min, and we were in the bus heading to London 10 minutes lates.

Between the time we landed and the time we left the airport on bus, only 30 minutes!

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Economy MRS - STN More than 3 years

Review of the flight Charleroi-Santander

This 2-hour flight was just regular, like the any other times I took it. Except that I didn't have anyone on the two seats next to me, and that's really enjoyable ! I had a seat on the last row, and the toilets can be a bit disturbing but not too much. The weather was great and the landing was quite shaky. No entertainment as always in a Ryanair plane.

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Economy CRL - SDR More than 3 years

Minimum service

Like usual with Ryanair, I ask when i'm boarding to seat to the seat near the wings exit. Like usual, they are available and they let me seat there.

No entertainement inside, so everybody are talking and at 6am it's not a pleasure if you want to sleep.
Landing, take off, temperature ok.

I just asked one time to have a glass of water and they say I can only have a bottle and i need to pay for it. And it's 3€...

I don't like that, it's just water...

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Economy DUB - BVA More than 3 years
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