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PVG-SIN flight on China Eastern (the plane was from Shanghai Airlines, a subsidiary of CE)

- A good flight between Shanghai and Singapore.

- Boarding at PVG and disembarking at SIN were efficient.

- Slight delay leaving PVG leading to a slight delay on arrival at SIN (15-20 minutes maximum).

- The space between the seats was good for economy class.

- The flight crew was quite pleasant and comfortable in English when serving the snack.

- There was just one snack after departure, more adapted to Chinese customers (both sweet and salty options: salty crackers, others made from rice with a seafood flavor, a kind of cake, a Kinder Maxi bar, dried fish (strong smell!).

- Good in-flight information with a pretty good choice of movies in English (few/none in French).

- There was some turbulence approaching the equator but no particular problems.

- Luggage arrived quickly at SIN (10-15 minutes maximum).

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Economy PVG - SIN More than 3 years

The meal wasn't bad, not enough blankets

The meal wasn't bad, but there weren't enough blankets for all of the passengers. Seats were OK. No reading material. The flight crew was not that accessible. Safety instructions were presented at the beginning of the flight.

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Economy SHA - BKK More than 3 years

I came to this site to see if this airline had been blacklisted

I came to this site to see if this airline has been blacklisted, it hasn't. This was possibly the worst flight of my life. Tiny seats, a delay, and ashtrays in the armrests (smoking has been prohibited on airplanes for a long time, so I don't even want to think about how old the plane was), the "meal" was made up of dried fruit, etc.

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Economy SYX - SHA More than 3 years 2 reactions
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