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This was a long flight between Los Angeles and Nadi. There was a meal at the beginning then NOTHING, not even a glass of water! Perhaps you have to ask for things? So the onboard service needs to be looked at and it was a very unpleasant flight that I'll remember for a long time.
There was one particularly surly female employee who didn't smile and completely lacked understanding. She decided, mid-flight, to place someone next to me (I was on my own in a row of seats, quietly trying to get to sleep). I'll never understand why. The gentleman in question already had a seat and neither he nor I made any request. This is an airline I won't be using again.

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A nightmare, and scandalous!

Briefly, the flight was cancelled without anyone receiving any warning and after we'd all been waiting for hours believing (from what we'd been told) that there was only a twelve-hour delay!!!
The employees were nothing less than incompetent and did nothing to inform the passengers. The worst thing was that we had a connecting flight for the following day and nobody took responsibility for changing the tickets. We even had to make a one-hour call to the USA (!) to get them changed and there was a 1000 dollar supplement involved which Air Pacific, needless to say, didn't take responsibility for.
Finally, we were all supposed to receive written proof to pass to our insurance providers... written proof we've never seen.
And as if that wasn't enough, the flight was dreadful, with a lack of space, very mediocre service, etc.
This airline and its staff have no consideration for their customers.
It's truly disgraceful, with me trying for a month to get the extra cost refunded.
An airline to boycott.

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Julien C.

Air Pacific, was a disappointment

Having traveled to Vanuatu via Etihad and Air Vanuatu, which was an excellent, comfortable and impeccable trip, Air Pacific, was a disappointment. It was exactly the opposite, with a crew was too eager to please, not to mention the mediocre meal, seats that didn't recline and a terrible layover in the tiny Nadi Airport in Fiji. In short, very low quality at a high price.
Air pacific? No, thank you!

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