Icelandair : Paris Charles De Gaulle - Reykjavik Keflavik International

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Value (price + quality) 2 / 5
Comfort 3 / 5
Costumer service 2 / 5
Your opinion of security 3 / 5
Food 1 / 5
Management of luggage 3 / 5
Comfort 3 / 5
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Not bad at all!

Very comfortable amount of legroom for a three-hour flight.

Personal IFE for a three-hour flight: perfect!

Buy on board in operation.

Departed on time; arrived ahead of schedule: perfect!

Boarding was a bit disorganised.

The staff were very professional.

Punctuality was perfect.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 2 reactions 121 views


Icelandair is a serious and efficient airline: pleasant crew, punctuality, and safety. Highly recommended. The seats were comfortable and the...

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 3 reactions 265 views

Discovery trip to Iceland

Discover trip to Iceland thanks to a great promotional offer (250 euros for a return flight) timed between two eruptions of the volcano Eyol Plus...

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 5 reactions 294 views

Très bonne compagnie

Départ à l'heure, l'enregistrement est rapide. Repas à bord conformes à la classe économique , Distribution gratuite de boissons . Personnel à bord souriant. Bref, bon vol.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years


Arrivée par le train à la gare de l'Aéroport Charles De Gaulle 2, mon vol se trouve au terminal 1, aucun problème pour me rendre dans ce terminal...

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Business CDG - KEF More than 3 years 5 reactions 277 views

A good airline

This is a very good airline; most of the planes are Boeing 757-200s.
The level of comfort is very decent and the cabin crew are very friendly and very obliging.
The stewardesses resemble the stewardesses Air France used to have on its planes thirty years ago, with their hair in the traditional little bun style. The only criticism I have is that you have to pay for the onboard meal and it's a little overpriced. Drinks, such as coffee, tea, water and orange juice, are free. The flight both departed and arrived on time.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 3 reactions 453 views

On se croirait chez EasyJet

Service nul, aucun service à bord on se croirait chez Easy Jet, sauf que c'est la compagnie nationale Islandaise, un verre d'eau offert, tout le reste est payant même les écouteurs pour regarder un film ou écouter de la musique sont payant mais bon c'est la seule compagnie pour y aller.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 8 reactions

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