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Review of overlookedpro about the flight Icelandair between Dublin and Kansas City Intl on 14/09/2018 in Economy plus
overlookedpro FI / ICE DUB / MCI

For over 3 months in advance of our trip, I attempted to contact IcelandAir about a concern I had with our names on our tickets not including our middle names. I tried calling IcelandAir which would either lead me to being hung up on due to high call volume, or being told I would have to wait over an hour on hold, and THEN, end up getting disconnected. The ONLY way I was able to contact ANYBODY at IcelandAir over 3 months before our trip was through TWITTER! That’s right. An airline’s ONLY WAY TO SPEAK TO CUSTOMER RELATIONS IS THROUGH TWITTER! IcelandAir’s website is still confusing, and their response to my basic question about ticket names was vague and unacceptable. They told me to “take responsibility.” I took responsibility by inquiring about this 3 1/2 months in advance. It's not my responsibility for being confused and not able to get a proper response from the airline. That's on IcelandAir. A couple of months later, after several more attempts at calling them, I had ANOTHER TWITTER CONVERSATION, which somewhat answered my question finally. I then picked out the seats I wanted and had an e-ticket for myself and my wife with our seats printed on it, only to find out the DAY BEFORE OUR FLIGHT HOME FROM EUROPE that those seats weren’t actually ours, and we’d be seated 15 rows apart! After dropping another $430 on business class seats, I ended up having to pay an additional $55 just so that we could sit in the seats we had already originally picked and had printed ON OUR TICKETS! We flew with FIVE OTHER AIRLINES within 2 weeks of our European trip, and had absolute ZERO issues with every other airline, and ONLY had issues with IcelandAir, that began and continued through over 3 1/2 months from booking until take off. The response I got over email (email!! AMAZING!! which was only available AFTER dropping $430 on business class seats) about our non-business class seats on our first leg flight was “we cannot guarantee any particular seat. We reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft as we sometimes have to change aircrafts.” Then why exactly did your website allow me to pick seats and then print them on our ticket!? They didn’t change aircrafts .We literally had nothing but extreme anxiety during our ENTIRE TRIP knowing that we would be flying with this terrible airline who has nobody to speak to in customer relations and could care less about the customer entirely anyway, which has been shown through their complete lack of responsibility. I will forever tell EVERYONE considering to fly with IcelandAir to LOOK FOR A DIFFERENT AIRLINE, because ICELANDAIR IS A NIGHTMARE!

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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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Check-in and boarding
1 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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By overlookedpro, about Icelandair, , via its phone
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