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Review of Kloe1 about the flight Icelandair between London Heathrow and Baltimore on 31/07/2018 in Economy
Kloe1 FI / ICE LHR / BWI

A horrible exprience from start to finish.

Booked 2 flights but did them seperately and for some reason 1 had no luggage. I immediately called to adjust this but was told I hadn't ticked the section and instead of paying $10 more for the flight which would have included luggage I had to go online and pay $200 to add luggage. It took 2 phone calls and an hour on hold each time (I'm not exaggerating), and in the end I just paid it it online. Oh well, I marked it as my mistake.

Then the nightmare began. Turned up at the airport and the luggage was still showing as unpaid on one flight. I was certain we had paid it online, we received confirmation and the ticket was upgraded to show luggag addede, which we had printed out. They said there was an error on the site and the payment was not taken. So despite putting in the payment details, having it shown as payment confirmed on the site, receiving an updated ticket and printing this out and presenting this to the staff, the airline staff now said it was my fault for not checking the payment had gone through via my bank and we had to pay again..

As a result we now had to pay $140 for the baggage (one way), which we had no choice but to pay. They wouldn't even allow us to pay the $100 for one way which we thought we had already paid (I'm putting it in dollars but actual payments were a mix of $, £ and Euro).

On the stop over in iceland we complained to the help desk and they said they understood and that it wasn't out fault. We were told that a note was added to the system and we wouldn't have to pay on the way back and if we emailed customer support (no way were were going to call them again), they'd refund the money.

We were very anxious about it and emailed customer support during our trip, and it got worse. They said there would be no refund and we would have to pay for luggage again. We explained, they asked to be emailed proof. We sent photo copies of the payment confirmation and ticket showing luggage, and they didn't reply. We tried again a second time and exactly the same, they said it was our fault and asked for proof, we sent it, they didn't reply.

As a result we paid for the luggage again on the way back. To rub salt into the wound we had paid for exit row seats and during the online check in one of us was switch to a standard seat in the middle. We tried to change this online and it asked us to pay $60. At this stage we were too tired to try to fight it. We didn't pay and sat seperately and just got the horrible experience over with.

We since complained to their customer service and suprise suprise there was no response.

Anyone thinking of using this airline please do your research and read up on the many complaints you'll find about them online, especially with regards to customer service.

It's possible that if there are no small errors or mishaps you would not have to deal with their customer service and then write a review about their Ok leg room and slightly bigger than average inflight screens, because you haven't experienced the customer service or been caught out by their small print tactics. But any slight issue or changes and you are in for a nightmare - it's really not worth the risk.

Avoid this company at all costs. I just wish we'd been warned and read the reviews.

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