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Worst Airline In The World

For over 3 months in advance of our trip, I attempted to contact IcelandAir about a concern I had with our names on our tickets not including our...

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Economy plus DUB - MCI 09/2018 2 reactions

Missing Luggage...5 into 7 day trip!!!

This is my first trip to the US & my first (& last time) flying with Icelandair. Arrived in Portland on Saturday 8th September 2018, today is Thursday 13th September 2018, I am nearing the end of my trip and guess what....STILL NO LUGGAGE!!

Despite numerous emails & international calls to their 'customer service's' department, I am still luggage-less & without any information about where my belongings are.

This has been a truly shocking & disappointing experience!

Well done Icelandair for ruining my first trip to the US & what should have been a memorable engagement trip for my partner & I.

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Economy LHR - PDX 09/2018

Avoid this airline

A horrible exprience from start to finish. Booked 2 flights but did them seperately and for some reason 1 had no luggage. I immediately called to...

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Economy LHR - BWI 07/2018

Awful experience and racial discrimination

This is the worst airline I have experienced. The terrible experience started from the check-in time (especially in the Helsinki airport) where both the male staff as well as the female manager treated us very rudely. They even singled us out due to our race (Asian) in the name of checking our carry-on weight in front of all other passengers during the boarding time. We didn't carry anything unusual and similar to all other passengers. We asked her why they didn't check others and she replied "I just wanted to check you out". Since there were not other Asian passengers in the line, apparently they were targeting minority people due to racial discrimination. The service was terrible on board as well. Avoid this worst airline at all cost! Not worth any penny!! And if you are minority races, you may be targeted for humiliation!!!

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Economy EWR - KEF 08/2018

Awful Experience

I This airline is the worst I've ever used. I was due to fly to Reykjavik on Wed 29th Nov at 12.15 pm from Manchester.  I am disabled and require...

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Economy MHT - KEF More than 2 years 4 reactions

Avoid Iceland Air

When you shop an airfare you have choices. I would advise you to select another airline besides Iceland air.

If your flight goes according to plan, you'll probably enjoy the experience. However, if anything goes wrong (and with air travel something often does), they don't stray from the script well. Their customer service is driven through their national office which is unresponsive.

The only way we ever got them to respond was after going public on social media--then they respond right away. Try to the proper channels and it's radio silence.

This is a company that is so broken, I would advise you to fly someone else.

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Economy ORD - KEF More than 2 years

Beware of Icelandair!

This is the worst airline ever! I purchased tickets online; however, I come to find out, I can't cancel tickets on line. (Interesting). Because then...

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Economy JFK - KEF More than 2 years

A Terrible experience!

Cost for a flight going from Boston to Munich, and return from Charles De Gaulle to Logan was over $2,000 for two economy seats. Booked three months...

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Economy CDG - BOS More than 3 years
Mark V.

Flight Without Problems.

Five-hour flight with a 7-month old baby. There were no problems with the flight.

The baby sat on our laps (there was no baby seat on the plane).

The flight crew was very understanding and friendly; they even arranged for us to have a row with 3 seats even though the plane was full. There were beverages but no meal.

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Economy BOS - KEF More than 3 years

Unpleasant as a Cold Shower

This was the worst flight I have even been on in terms of comfort and service.

Not only that, it wasn't exactly the cheapest flight and the meals and the drinks were not included. It annoyed me the whole trip. There was just a cup of soda during the 1st flight from Paris - Iceland and then a coffee on the Iceland -New-York flight . Shameful! Not to mention the outdated movie selection that had only 2 language choices and no subtitles. Needles to say, French was not one of the possible choices. To top it all off, when I returned to France I was missing a suitcase.

I didn't need any more reasons not to travel with Icelandair.

It was a poor choice on my part. I got home on Thursday, and I received my suitcase at my house on Monday morning, , so I can finally and happily move on.

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Economy CDG - JFK More than 3 years 3 views
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