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If I have choice, I won't use this company again.

This happened yesterday. The flight was kinda okay, with sandwiches and refreshments.

The problem was I went to the airport in the morning and was informed that I am not allowed to check in my suitcase for my return flight, unless I pay extra.

As somebody on the extra payment queue said 'They expect us to go there, buy suitcase and luggage, and go back'.

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Economy SOF - AMS More than 2 years

A pleasant surprise

A pleasant surprise

There are very few choices for traveling from Brussels to Sofia. The only direct flight, at least in the off-season, is a daily flight operated by Bulgaria Air.
I had some apprehensions, but I was wrong. The plane was an Embraer 190, with two rows of two seats, so it was a recent model.
Boarding was easy (the plane was not full and it was a weeknight in the middle of winter) and takeoff was punctual.
The onboard personnel were nice and professional. They even volunteered to let me move to a more comfortable seat since there were empty rows and I'm rather large.
Light snacks and beverages were offered.
One small downside: the schedule is very late: with the takeoff schedule, you don't land until midnight, so I recommend finding a hotel with 24-hour room service so you don't have to go without food until the next morning.

The return flight two days later confirmed my positive first impression.

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Economy BRU - SOF More than 3 years 2 reactions 18 views

Acceptable comfort and service

- Seat: not very comfortable despite enough legroom and reclining seat. - In-flight entertainment: none. - Onboard meal: just a small slice of...

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Economy VAR - CDG More than 3 years 4 reactions 5 views
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