Etihad contracts out to Air France, who use low cost type planes

Review of sdipat about the flight Etihad Airways EY038 between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Bangkok on 05/11/2013 in Economy
sdipat EY / ETD CDG / BKK
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

I've been travelling to Thailand several times a year for work reasons for 15 years now. I've used many airlines.
- THAI AIRWAYS / good, and direct.
- EMIRATE / perfect, a bit more expensive at the moment
- QATAR AIRWAYS / currently the best
- CATHAY PACIFIC / a bit long, flying via Hong Kong
Basically, I'd used ETIHAD six years previously and they were excellent, so I wanted to try them again...
I was very surprised to see an AIR FRANCE plane waiting for us at CDG, but hearing the people around me sounding fairly happy that we were flying with the national airline for the the first leg to ABU DHABI, I didn't have any negative feelings about it...
When I boarded the plane, I found that the seats were very very old, and filthy; the 10 cm screen was scratched; and the base of my seat had a 15 cm section of exposed frame, meaning I had to use a cushion to sit down.
To cut a long story short, I went to see the hostess, who sent the purser to see me. He told me that even the staff were going to put in a complaint... adding, however, that Air France were due to change all the seats at the end of November (?)
For these reasons, I would say I was robbed when I bought an ETIHAD ticket. I do like Air France, but there are limits. I should just add that the same plane was waiting for me on the return leg.

By contrast, the second flight, between ABU DHABID and BANGKOK, was very very good, though that flight was ABOARD AN ETIHAD PLANE. What really concerns me is the prospect of one day finding myself flying with a blacklisted airline without being informed beforehand! The way flights are contracted out at the moment is truly DISGRACEFUL!

PS: all the consumables etc were provided by ETIHAD, even the missing courses and non-existent drinks!

So, that was my experience. I hope you'll all avoid this particular service!

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By sdipat, about Etihad Airways, , close to France
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 3 December 2013
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