Do not ever buy tickets from Etihad. will steal off money from you and no customer centre for you. no respect at all for customers

Review of Mina.Tawfik about the flight Etihad Airways between Cairo and Melbourne on 11/10/2017 in Business
Mina.Tawfik EY / ETD CAI / MEL
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

I was advised that etihad is the best airline ever. now, i am writing this to people to know that this is a scam and second worst airline ever.
they rip you off money without any service for that. here is the story:
i booked 2 ticket business class from cairo to melbourne for my parents. we usually take emirates but this time the flightcentre agent advised to take etihad as it was cheaper on the business class.

i asked to arrange the transportation from the airport to the house on the day of the arrival and leaving from the travel agent. she contacted eithad office, and did not get an aswer for that. after 3 weeks, she told me that they do not offer that service anymore.
business class, a lot of money, and still need to pay more to get transportation for my parents as emirates airline does that automatically. so, i ended up with paying more than emirates offers to get the business class and transportation.

so, here is the catch their business class does not have transportation services as it was before and as emirates does not.
they have a very bad customer service that does not answer your requests on time. i got the answer after 3 weeks.
they do not care about their customer or about their reputations.
i have sent a bad feedback saying to them that i will never ever buy a ticket from them.
i will tell every body about that and their reputation will go down because of their bad treatment of customers.

guess what, they did not answer at all. 10 days now and all i got is email saying someone will take a look at your feedback and contact you about it.
they even changed the address on my account on their etihad website to an incorrect fake one so that they can say it is fake account and feedback and delete it all hoping i will not notice that.

DO NOT BUY TICKET FROM ETIHAD AIRLINE PLEASE. they are very very bad badddddddd airline company that does not respect their customers. they rip you off and make you pay more.

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By Mina.Tawfik, about Etihad Airways, , close to Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
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Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways replied

on 19 October 2017

Hi there. Can we please have your case number so we can have a look into your case and advise? *Sky

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