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Review of micha about the flight Etihad Airways between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Male on 31/12/2014 in First
micha EY / ETD CDG / MLE
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Dear All

Here is a new the message to share my experience with Etihad. A new message because as my experience was not that great Etihad decide to delete my first post.

I am sure all of you will be happy to know how Etihad consider the First class customer.

First : As Etihad is making lot of advertising regarding his first and business class i am going to share my first experience with Etihad regarding the confort but also the post Experience.

Regarding the confort, honestly the first class is amazing with very good material, lot of privacy due to the fact you can close your door. The food is very good, very fresh with lot of choice. Until then the price definitly worth it.

However Etihad did not understand that an experience don't stop after the plane landed.

On our trip Etihad lost our luggage twice!

Meaning on our way to go and our way back ! For me who is travelling most of my time this is a first !

On our way to go as the transit was short we asked to the staff if our luggage will be ok at our final destination if not we would buy some stuff at the airport and the staff certifed us that everything will be ok.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived at our final destination (Maldive) that we did not have our luggage. You starting to think that the staff is not very competent however things happened... but we got our luggages 2 days after – this is very very long with no info from Etihad… here is a very bad point regarding the customer policiy !

And our way back same story, back in Paris no luggage! this was too much so i send an email to the feedback team here is the answer i had « Dear M B*****O

We would like on behalf of Etihad Airways apologies for the delay in your baggage delivery process
I have contacted our delivery company who informed me that your 02 missing baggage have well been delivered to your home as per your request this morning .*
Once again our sincere apologies for inconvenience caused
Many thanks for your understanding
Kind regards
C****e »

I am going to translate this message « Dear customer, now you paid and you got your luggage f***k you and don't call us back because we don t care about our customer! »

Even Air France wich is a poor poor company would do way better. So after really expressed myself saying how i was unhappy i got the top of the top, the best of compensation – 10 000 miles! If you go on the Etihad calculator you have 10000 for an economy trip

When i got this email i resigned myself to never travel agin with Etihad but fly again on Emirates or Qatar with a real customer services.

Now, as i wanted my insurance to give me back my money regarding the stuff w bought fo 2 days i wrote to Etihad to get an email from them confirming the date and time they delivered our luggage to the hotel... No answer... This was 3 days ago.

To conclude, Etihad in maybe doing lot of advertising regarding how good the firs and business class are but Etihad is not able to give you a flight on time all of them are late in addition to that they don't care about their customers. For Etihad the customer Experience is only on fly not post fly!

You definitly have to go on Emirates or Qatar airways which are true company taking care of the customer!

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By micha, about Etihad Airways, , close to London, England, United Kingdom
Posted online by HappyFlight, on 31 January 2015
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