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Flight delayed 4 hours because they decided to wait for other delayed connecting flights

On December 23rd we took the flight EY424 Abu Dhabi - Manila. Schedulled at 3 am, it departed 7am instead. The boarding started late (scheduled 2am...

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Economy AUH - MNL More than 2 years 6 reactions

Do not ever buy tickets from Etihad. will steal off money from you and no customer centre for you. no respect at all for customers

I was advised that etihad is the best airline ever. now, i am writing this to people to know that this is a scam and second worst airline ever. DO...

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Business CAI - MEL More than 2 years

Insulting behavior at the airport

My name is Ali Afzali Kusha and I am a full professor at The University of Tehran. I had an unpleasant and in fact very bad experience with the...

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Economy LAX - AUH More than 2 years 8 reactions

Good service

Good timing, good traveling and very nice food they has provided to me. Clear messages from captain. Take off and landing of flight was very good. I...

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Economy CCJ - AUH More than 3 years

Really Very Enjoyable.

Very early-morning flight to Rome. The flight was on a two-year old Boeing 777-300ER. Boarding was fast even though the flight was booked. As...

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Economy AUH - FCO More than 3 years 1 reactions 168 views

Amazing service and huge private space.

The 1st class cabin on the A380 is just amazing with lot of space and amazing service. It is giving full privacy once doors are closed. There are...

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First AUH - SYD More than 3 years 7 views

Pleasant Flight, I Slept!

The lounge in Abu Dhabi is nice, I even had the time to take a nice shower. Takeoff was delayed by about 15 minutes. I slept for a good part of...

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Business AUH - CDG More than 3 years 220 views

My first long-haul flight over Phuket

Takeoff with slight delay. This is the first time I've flown long-haul over Phuket instead of Bangkok. Pleasant flight, good service. The choice...

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Business AUH - HKT More than 3 years 1 reactions 259 views

Jeddah to Abu Dhabi 28/10/2015

Today to much delay for the flight... Starting in Jeddah, arrived 5:30 am, waiting there in the plain until 10:30 am... 5 hours delay.

Ey428 change to ey 424... Free lunch and dinner.
Waiting in the transfer desk. No places to rest. F**k connecting flight su**s. We don't received proper service.

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Economy JED - AUH More than 3 years
kenmark A.

B777 from Jet Airways

I didn't really like the Jet Airways layout with Etihad service. The seats were arranged on an angle. You had to stow the TV screen on takeoff and...

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Business AUH - BKK More than 3 years 1 reactions 474 views
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