In-flight WiFi: the good and the bad

Review of AirNapoleon about the flight Emirates EK76 between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Dubai on 12/12/2013 in Business
AirNapoleon EK / UAE CDG / DXB
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

It’s been a while that I wanted to post a review about the in-flight WiFi and I’m doing it now directly from inside the plane. I will certainly write a complete flight review once it’s over (right now, time to destination = 2h, and distance to destination = 981 mi). It’s a Paris-Dubai flight with Emirates in a shiny new A380, so I will say good things about it and post some pictures.

The in-flight WiFi (2.75$ for 5MB, 10$ for 30MB, 20$ for 100MB, plus $0.073 for 100KB, knowing that the offered plans change according to the connected device and the length of flight) is not that bad (as long as the other passengers are sleeping and leave all the bandwidth to me), despite being a little slow (in comparison to my experiences with Ethiad, and especially concerning the upload rate) and a little expensive (in comparison to some non-WiFi systems that are nonetheless very practical, such as KLM’s, which lets you send e-mails for 1 or 2$ from the IFE).

Note that it is also used to connect the business seats’ touchscreen tablets (in addition to the big screen, next to the personal mini-bar on the side of the seat there’s a fancy Apple thing that shows the time and the flight map, lets you control the light and seat reclination, and serves as a remote control for the main screen).

But let’s get back to the WiFi.

The good: you can provide real-time commentary about your flight on WTF; you can let people know you’ll arrive on time; you can spend time posting on Facebook from the sky.

The bad: the volume bought cannot be transferred to another flight (I prefer Ethiad, since in first, and sometimes business, offers you very practical 24h card when you take two flights and a stopover); it works with many types of device (PC, cell phone, camera), but not simultaneously (you are disconnected from one device the moment you log in with the same user from another one – not very practical to post photos on WTF).

First conclusion: due to the slow service (but very nice meal), the large choice of recent movies, and the WiFi, there’s no time for sleeping. I don’t really know what the blanket is for.

Second conclusion: my dear Florian from What the Flight, it’s time to make the app available on phones so that we can talk about our flights in real-time!

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By AirNapoleon, about Emirates, , close to United Kingdom
Posted online by HappyFlight, on 13 December 2013
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dzac replied Translate

Dans cette avis il y a une phrase qui m'a bien fait rire :
" On peut enfin se la péter sur facebook en postant depuis le ciel."

Et une deuxième phrase qui est vrai et j'en ai déjà parlé avec Florian :
"Mon cher Florian de What the flight, il est grand temps de mettre à dispo l'application par téléphone pour commenter son vol en direct ! "

Et le top serais qu'elle soit aussi dispo sur Ipad/Ipod

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