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Comfort 4,11 / 5
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bennsa1 A great flight with a great airline! 5/5
bob8935 Fabulous 5/5
A & E Perfect flight to start and end a perfect trip 5/5
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Great plane, but lousy Customer Service

Good quality planes but a company policy that doesn't care about Customer Service.

Emirates airlines are really good in Window dressing when it comes to their Customer Service. At first sight it looks like they're really value their (loyal) customers but unfortunately in reality they don't live up to the expectations they promise to the world.

I've been flying with Emirates many times before and also reached their Silver Member Status so you can call me experienced when it comes to this airline. The plane itself, the seats and the food provided are OK.

Only when it comes to how they treat their (loyal) customers it becomes a complete different story. Once you've ordered and paid for your ticket they loose their complete interest in you as a customer. They treat you like a number and the only feedback you get are the lines that were written out in their "Customer" scripts.

This resulted for me to the (unfortunate) decision to use the Emirates services in the future and look for other airlines which provide proper Customer Service

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Economy AMS - BKK 09/2016
Frank V.

Ok... I guess...

The flight attendants were all over the place and not that friendly. The seat was very comfortable as always but it just seemed old... The entertainment was awesome because it was of course ICE but many tv's didn't work for the last 2 hours of the flight which was quite annoying.

Overall, good but my other flight with Emirates were much better.

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Business DXB - MNL 07/2015 3 views


Flight attendants were always smiling... In-flight entertainment was the best I have ever experienced. Food was fantastic and I definitely will fly Emirates again!

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Business PRG - DXB 08/2015 3 reactions 3 views

Great Flight

It was a good flight. There was a great ambience in the cabin.
The seats were good, the reclining was proper. The entertainment systems were not bad: many choices of movies. The meals were served hot as fresh. The quality was paranoid they were very tasty. The landing and the take off's were good, smooth too.
The on board temperature was comfy, the captain gave message at an regular interval.
However... Singapore Airlines is still better than Emirates.

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Economy BOM - DXB More than 2 years

A great flight with a great airline!

This was actually a real revelation! I was surprised by how disciplined the cabin crew were and by that hierarchy they have in their team. What a...

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Economy CMN - DXB 05/2015 40 reactions 479 views

A nice plane but economy class was too crowded

Despite the size of the A380, the Emirates had set up the economy class to leave enough legroom. The individual screens were high quality and the...

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Economy CDG - DXB More than 2 years 6 reactions 534 views


After having paid an attractive surcharge for our Paris - Dubai flight to try Business class, we had resigned ourselves to returning by Economy...

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Business DXB - BKK 02/2015 23 reactions 494 views

EK + A380 = High-class

This flight was on a very quiet Emirates A380-800 that was exceptional. It was practically perfection. We were welcomed like royalty on board a...

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Economy BKK - DXB More than 2 years 9 reactions 195 views
Mickaël S.

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