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Will never take this service due to desktop computer fail...

Thank you Aer Lingus. Due to your crew prohibiting me to bring a desktop computer (properly secured in a customised case for electronics) as cargo baggage in October and also for failing to include this bit of information in that baggage information website of yours, I have endured a costly, time-consuming and stressful procedure to import this piece of equipment to my country (customs in this country is also crap) up to day (end of December).

The rest of it was at most, average.

Will never require your services again.

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Economy DUB - MEX 10/2016
Luis G

Mediocre Business Class - Would I Go Again? Maybe

We flew Aer Lingus from SFO - DUB in their newly updated business class on the A330. Lounge experience at SFO is the drab United lounge. Boarding...

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Business SFO - DUB 06/2016 4 views

Good flight

A good flight between Gatwick and Dublin.

The LGW is completely renovated and very good. The flight was delayed of 30min which is ok.

On the flight, everything was perfect. A bit disappointed that there was no free refreshment.

The arrival in Dublin was very good and very quick.

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Economy LGW - DUB 12/2015

Not impressed

Having purchased 2 seats together for myself and my wife who is a nervous flyer we found at the gate that seats were allocated differently and given...

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Economy SXF - DUB 08/2015 8 views

The lowest of the low-cost

Reserving tickets on this airline's Internet site was confusing due to numerous translation errors, but we managed.

The flight was delayed 45 minutes without an explanation and there was no information provided about the delay before we boarded (the departures board listed the flight as on time), even though they knew about the delay. There were no excuses or explanations for the delay. The rotation times in airports seem much too close together. The smallest delay on the 1st flight leaves no room to catch up that evening.

This was a flight with no real problems, but the service was terrible (no food or drink was offered, not even a glass of water.

The absence of "extras" seems normal with a company such as Ryanair because of the cost of the ticket, but at the same price as Aer Lingus, HOP offers beverages and snacks.

In short, a company to avoid. For the same price, or even less, you can find better flights.

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Economy CDG - DUB More than 2 years 3 reactions 242 views

Not great

The plane (an A319/EI-EPS) was on time, the interior had been renovated and it was clean. There was no in-flight entertainment. The reception was pretty cold. The stewardess, who wasn't very cheerful, seemed stressed/tense and talked about the "heavy flight" (full— 144 passengers) when giving instructions that seemed pretty obvious. The flight lasted 1h20min, buy on board/tax free and that's it. Not a lot of legroom, luckily the flight didn't last that long. Their A320s were more spacious.

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Economy DUB - BRU More than 2 years 3 reactions 188 views

The low cost airline which has everything a major airline has

I now understand a little better why rivals are eyeing up this airline, with IAG the one that's had the last word: it is a superb airline. Aer...

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Economy DUB - LHR More than 2 years 5 reactions 470 views


I had to go to Cork and I didn't want to travel with Ryanair in order to save me a bus trip to Beauvais and the fake appeal of the ticket. That...

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Economy CDG - ORK More than 3 years 4 reactions 307 views

Dublin - Boston Flight

This was a good flight: on time with a very good snack.

The wait at the Dublin airport was a little long and there were difficulties getting information, but it wasn't a big deal.

The crew was friendly and cheerful. The only thing that you had to pay for on the plane was alcohol. There were individual screens and a wide choice of movies. Everything worked perfectly. One great thing was that coming from Paris and having a layover in Dublin before you headed to Boston meant that you could go through American customs before boarding and not have to go through customs in Boston.

It saved a huge amount of time. We just had to claim our luggage and take a bus downtown. Very practical.

On the return flight, the layover in Dublin was at 4:30 am. The airport was nevertheless great, since almost all of the businesses were open. There were spaces with comfortable chairs to relax and have coffee or breakfast. The wait ended up being a pleasant experience.

We are really happy with Aer Lingus. They offer great service at attractive prices. Nevertheless, I only swear by Air France.

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Economy DUB - BOS More than 2 years 3 reactions 219 views

Paris-Dublin flight

A flight to Boston with a layover in Dublin. This was a very good flight. They followed the schedule and the ground crew and flight crew were friendly. Very nice snack. There were movies on demand on the personal screens. There weren't a lot of movies in French but OK, it wasn't that serious. Above all, for those who were going to the USA, we went through American customs in Dublin. When we arrived in Boston all we had to do was claim our luggage, very quickly, and take the bus to downtown Boston.

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Economy CDG - DUB More than 2 years 2 reactions 77 views
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