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The best!

Return flight from Newark to Orly.

The boarding and takeoff were on time. Very friendly staff. We were welcomed by the co-pilot and even talked with him a little. The economy cabins were great.

Very comfortable leather seats, lots of legroom, and a small welcome bag with blanket, socks, headphones, mask, earplugs etc.

Good in-flight information and since we had been warned that there would be some turbulence, we were definitely not spared them!

Since that this was a night flight, we were able to sleep! The best thing was that the plane was almost empty (68 passengers in a plane that could hold 300) and as a result there was no one next to us and we could change places and go somewhere else to lie down.

The entertainment was very good because all of us were given iPads with several films and series.

The only negative aspect of the flight was that it was cold. Despite the blankets, we were cold for the entire length of the flight.
Good onboard meal.

In conclusion, I preferred my return flight with BA 100x more than my departure flight with AA.

As proof that everything is subjective, my husband preferred the opposite!

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Economy EWR - ORY More than 3 years 2 reactions 69 views

Unremarkable; old, outdated plane

The direct flight from Paris to New York with OpenSkies was nice and punctual. We departed from Orly West, and the aircraft was small (66 seats in...

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Economy ORY - EWR More than 3 years 25 reactions 1k views

Antiquated plane, reduced levels of comfort

This was a business class flight with OpenSkies taken following a promotional offer. Advantages: departure from Orly, which is nicer than Charles de...

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Business ORY - JFK More than 3 years 3 reactions 395 views


The plane had certainly seen some flying hours! The cabin crew were absolutely perfect.
The lunch on the daytime flight was very average: beef and mash.
The dinner on the return flight was distinctly superior: truffle stuffed pasta and morel mushrooms.
The wines were delicious.
The seat: you can only make the most of your Biz Bed seat on a night flight, where you get a duvet and a very comfortable mattress.

In summary, it's certainly not the service you get with the Gulf airlines, but it's distinctly superior to Air France's business class, which still has reclining seats.

And finally, it's completely pointless choosing and reserving your seat in advance because the price of €70 for business class is too prohibitive. That is not service: that is quite simply outrageous.
Watch and wait for the flight opening 24 hours before take-off.

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Business ORY - EWR More than 3 years 5 reactions 196 views

Excellent flight

Pleasant surprise. The flight was on a B757, so it was a small plane. Boarding was very quick. The French-speaking crew was very pleasant...

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Economy ORY - EWR More than 3 years 17 reactions 1,1k views

Nothing to report

I was really dreading this flight since despite all of the traveling I've done I'm always anxious before a departure. This was my first flight to the US. The plane was in good shape and seemed almost new. Since the plane had I guess about 200 places, boarding went quickly. The departure flight went perfectly: no turbulence, on time. There was some turbulence during the first two hours of the return flight, but it still went well. This is a great airline was a friendly staff and for once, I found the meal pretty good.
I would recommend it.

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Economy ORY - EWR More than 3 years 13 reactions 818 views
Véronique D.

Excellent flight to the US

Impeccable customer service. After I had made my reservation, the prices on their site were suddenly lowered and the airline agreed to refund me...

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Economy plus ORY - EWR More than 3 years 12 reactions 660 views

a pleasant surprise

Well, not knowing Openskies at all, we chose this airline because they had the lowest prices. It was really left up to chance. I thought it nice...

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Economy ORY - JFK More than 3 years 19 reactions 1,1k views


L'état de l'avion est pour le moins vétuste et, en toutes hypothèses, n'est pas rassurant.
Ce n'est pas digne d'une classe affaire (Biz Bed en l'espèce).
Des Ipad sont distribués en guise de divertissement avec un choix très restreint.
Aucune information en vol.
Il existe un choix au menu mais malheureusement au moment de la distribution des repas, ce choix n'existe plus et le menu devient imposé.
le service se fait dans une extrême hâte.
Bagage perdu à l'arrivée et rendu 36 heures après avec une proposition d'indemnisation dérisoire (refus d'indemniser l'achat d'un shampoing).
A mon sens, c'est une véritable honte et je déconseille à quiconque de voyager avec cette compagnie.

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Business ORY - JFK More than 2 years


1h45 de retard au départ déjà ça commence mal... mais bon c'est les vacances ! Et c'est mieux que le vol Openskies du matin qui avait plus de 3h de retard...

Boeing 767 d'un autre temps (années 90), il y a même encore des cendriers à l’arrière de l'appareil prés des toilettes :-)

Pour résumer, équipage assez froid, repas vraiment bof, choix de film en français très limité (4 ou 5), froid de canard dans l'avion (mini-angine à l'arrivée).

Le seul point vraiment positif mais involontaire ... l'avion était vide de chez vide... donc de la place... à l'aise Blaise.

Pour être honnête le vol retour en Boeing 757 (pas tout jeune tout ça) était mieux à tous les niveaux.

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Economy ORY - EWR More than 3 years 2 reactions
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