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Great quality for price!

I hate writing reviews, but I am making this one exception because I have read so many horrible opinions about this carrier before the flight, that...

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Economy MAD - CUN More than 3 years 5 reactions 46 views

Completely unacceptable! Never ever again!

I'd rather pay more than go through the experience of flying with Pullmantur again!
On this ten-hour flight there was no legroom and no blanket; glasses of water had to be paid for; there was no TV; the food was disgusting; and the cabin crew did not take care of the passengers!

I'd read a lot of bad reviews of this airline. I thought people were exaggerating... but not at all!

It's disgraceful to pay 900 euros for a Madrid-Cancún flight lasting ten hours and then have to pay for a glass of water. Next time I'll pay more... for better in-flight service, and to be treated properly by the cabin crew.

When we were experiencing turbulence, they were practically insulting towards us: the cabin crew are not trained to deal with people who start to panic during a flight!
A low-cost airline for flights of this length... never again!
1/10, and that's to avoid a mark of zero!

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Economy MAD - CUN More than 3 years 12 reactions 624 views


Don't fly with Pullmantur Air ! There's a reason why it is probably one of the cheapest options. I flew to Cancun from Madrid with Pullmantur Air...

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Economy MAD - CUN More than 3 years 2 reactions 63 views
Maria Tammy

Excellent private scheduled airline

Twelve sleeper seats at the front of the plane on the upper deck. The cabin crew were very nice. We could use iPads for the duration of the flight...

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Business MAD - CUN More than 3 years 38 reactions 967 views
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