Airline From Hell!

Review of Brian7897 about the flight Norwegian Air Shuttle between Las Vegas and Copenhagen on 27/08/2016 in Economy
Brian7897 DY / NAX LAS / CPH
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

I had a flight with Norwegian airlines from Las Vegas to Copenhagen Denmark, where I was supposed to catch a connecting flight later that day. However the flight was delayed for 24 whole hours!

I had to sit on the plane with nothing to eat and very little to drink for an entire day.

Then finally in the middle of the night I get put up along with 400 other people in the cheapest hotel in Vegas, with very little to eat, and then had to get a few hours of sleep and come back to catch the next flight.

I of course had missed my connecting flight, which Norwegian refused to pay for! Even though it was their fault that I missed it! I had to pay for it out of pocket! And I missed a day of my room booking too that I wasn't going to get refunded for.

Not to mention all the pain and suffering of having to go with little food and sleep.

And they used the excuse to not pay that it was "beyond their control" so airline regulations states that they don't have to.

What a hellish airline.

Don't ever book with them!

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By Brian7897, about Norwegian Air Shuttle, , close to Rochester, New York, United States
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Juno245 replied

Norwegian Air Shuttle is not recommended by all means, this is one of the Scandinavian ignorant business culture in doing business disregarding the customer. Norwegian is simply a cheap and non trustworthy company with used car sells people whom just got promoted to manage the second hand used and abused airline by an Norwegian drunken millioner.

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