Easyjet Switzerland : Geneva - Bordeaux

7 reviews - - Updated on 15 April 2019
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Short and pleasant flight

The seat was comfortable. There was no entertainment, but as it was a low-cost company with a cheap ticket, it was fully OK. There were different snacks proposed, but as they were expansive, I did not buy them. The crew was friendly and the pilot gave some information on the flight. Take off and landing without problem and without delay. The only negative point is the lack of information about the gate (French sector) at the Airport of Geneva. I had to ask extra to find the correct entrance. Otherwise, I cannot complain.

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Economy GVA - BOD More than 3 years 1 reactions

Meh, just really meh

easyJet markets itself as being the most punctual airline, but not this time. They made us wait 30 minutes because the Boss (or the little boss) in Geneva had a fit over a piece of luggage was 0.08 in. too big.

So then came the boredom, the reprimands etc. Accusing passengers of cheating on a commercial flight, I won't tell you what the other passengers thought. Then there was the delay. The food wasn't fresh. Low cost = low quality. This was the second time I've taken off from Geneva on Easy but the saying "third time's the charm" doesn't apply here. The layout of the plane was good. There was in-flight information. Thank you for telling everyone that it was because of a passenger who "cheated" that the plane was late.

They weren't friendly, they weren't helpful and above all they had no business sense. In short, this was a pathetic experience. Please explain to me why a piece of luggage that can be folded to fit into the luggage compartment isn't valid once it's folded.

I won't be making a 3rd Geneva - Bordeaux flight with them!

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Economy GVA - BOD More than 3 years 3 reactions 29 views

Pas de problème

Bon vol, aucun souci à signaler. Le personnel EasyJet (au sol et en cabine) est agréable. L'avion était dans un état moyen (quelques sièges...

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Economy GVA - BOD More than 3 years 1 reactions 56 views

Bon vol (GVA - BOD)

Vol Genève bordeaux, A 319 d'EasyJet : - Siège un peu ancien. - Embarquement bien passé. - Température cabine bonne. - A l'heure. - Personnelle...

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Economy GVA - BOD More than 3 years 3 reactions 24 views

Voici des faits afin de vous posez moins de questions...

Comme tout le monde, je prends Easyjet régulièrement et je ne critique jamais cette compagnie car elle est très abordable. Ayant travaillé en tant...

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Economy GVA - BOD More than 3 years 18 reactions 100 views

Compagnie très moyenne. Sous prétexte d'économie, le service devient pathétique. (pour le dernier vol baggage en soute 40 CHF au moment de la...

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Economy GVA - BOD More than 3 years 4 reactions